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Types on a First Date/In Early Dating

ISTJ: Best first date: The ISTJ likes practical, simple tasks and can make these into a charming date. Studying together, even cleaning their house, etc. is something that they appreciate and see as romantic. 

ISTJ’s are not known for tapping into their romantic sides very willingly, so they are unlikely to initiate or be comfortable in a first date scenario. However, they may show their affection through jokes or a (rare for them to give) compliment. 

ISFJ: Best first date: ISFJ’s love traditional acts of courtship: bring them roses, take long walks on the beach, anything to appeal to their “fairytale romance” side. 

Shows their interest through little acts of service: holding the door open, complimenting their outfit, even bringing little gifts. The ISFJ’s put a lot of thought into their gifts (both tangible and immaterial). They like dates and relationship experiences that are traditional and where their selflessness is appreciated.

INFJ: Best first date: library, coffee house, or walk on the beach; somewhere that you can have a long, undistracted conversation with each other

Spend four hours making sure they look as perfect as possible, checking that the times are all right, and worrying about whether this date is going to go smoothly. They will likely spend a lot of time asking questions about the other person in order to get a feel for who they are. INFJ’s are great at flirting naturally, but when they are consciously trying to do it they sometimes flounder, leaving the person they are interested in unsure about their feelings.

INTJ: Best first date: The INTJ will feel most comfortable in something that engages their intellectual side and allows them to demonstrate their knowledge: a game of chess, museum, wine tasting event. 

The INTJ is not interested in the typical romantic courtship that accompanies relationships; they prefer things to be straightforward, and will typically be blunt about their feelings towards a person if asked. In fact, a date with an INTJ can even start to resemble an interview if they don’t know you very well. 

ISTP: Best first date: Usually ISTP’s have certain physical hobbies (either exercise related like the ESTP’s or involve working with their hands); if you know what these hobbies are, then some sort of activity related to this would be a good first date

Although this type has extremely deep affections for those they like, they often come across as cold or unfeeling to the other person and can drastically change their feelings in a short period of time. However, they will probably enjoy teasing their date to make them laugh.

ISFP: Best first date: Share activities that involve their passions (arts are generally a good place to start): visit a museum, go to a dance together, etc. 

This type is generally very good at, and interested in, flirting. They might find themselves on a lot of casual dates without actually knowing it because, they find it difficult to pick up on when other people like them. However, when an ISFP does like someone, they do it very deeply. 

INFP: Best first date: go to a emotionally provocative movie/performance/museum; they’ll enjoy themselves and it’s a good way to get them to open up (they probably won’t stop talking about what they thought and how they felt about it)

INFP’s tend to be reserved about liking people at first, and then dive headfirst into infatuation. However, they may get awaked about flirting and are prone to blushing a lot in a date situation. They will try to learn more about their partner since they are naturally curious. 

INTP: Best first date: INTP’s crave new ideas and information, and therefore would like dates such as a science museum, technological event, or just an analytical conversation between the two of you. 

This type may get extremely nervous in the early stages of dating, as their emotions will confuse and overwhelm them. They will show their interest by engaging their partner in intellectual or otherwise deep conversations as a method to get to know the other person.

ESTP: Best first date: bowling alley, go-karting, something the two of you can experience together. 

Generally ESTP’s feel the same way about love-related emotions as mosquitos do with bug repellant, so getting them to admit they like someone will be hard. However, they will show their interest by their actions, becoming even louder and more boisterous than normal in order to show off, touching the person they like (hugging, touching their shoulder, etc.), and making a lot of jokes. In fact, the ESTP’s are known for overdoing their act and becoming extremely awkward.

ESFP: Best first date: The ESFP enjoys fun experiences like parties and clubs that allow them to have fun with their date and be around other people. Dancing and related activities also allow the ESFP to show off and impress their date. 

As the “performer”, the ESFP will love to dress up and flirt to impress their date. It will probably be very obvious when an ESFP likes someone, as they are known for being very emotionally demonstrative. Much like the ESTP, they may be overly demonstrative in making themselves appear fun and interesting.

ENFP: Best first date: This type will appreciate events that both involve their love for people and their physical senses. Therefore, they will enjoy events like salsa dancing, beach bonfires, etc. 

The ENFP subtly shows their affections, which may make it difficult to tell their affections (especially since they are so friendly and nice to everyone). Their natural charm may disappear when they are nervous around the other person.

ENTP: Best first date: ENTP’s enjoy spontaneity, so let them take you wherever your date may lead. They love impromptu adventures, so a simple dinner may turn into a trip to some crazy event or casino. 

ENTP’s want to know that what they are saying is being heard and appreciated, even though it may sound like a stream of crazy, unrelated ideas and thoughts. They are another type that may be prone to flirting with a wide spread of people without knowing it. They are complimentary towards others and are prone to teasing others and making them laugh. 

ESTJ: Best first date: The ESTJ likes to take charge, and will appreciate it if you let them pick the date. If they really like you, they will want to introduce you to their group of close friends and family.

This type enjoys intellectualism in a partner, as well as a chance for themselves to talk extensively to impress their partner. They are prone to sarcasm and jokes and therefore may tease their date. However, they are not likely to make a fool of themselves as they will still attempt to appear respectful and traditional around their partner.

ESFJ: Best first date: Even though the ESFJ will want to show special affection for their date, their ideal situation is still in the midst of a social event. Take the ESFJ dancing, to a nightclub, or to a party. 

This type has a natural charm for befriending people; however, their widespread circle of friends can make it difficult for an ESFJ to convey when they feel differently about a specific person. In addition, they may not want to show that they like someone until they know that their feelings are reciprocated. ESFJ’s take anything related to love, even dating, very seriously and fall hard when they do.

ENFJ: Best first date: The ENFJ will mold to whatever experiences the other person enjoys, so they would actually appreciate the other person picking a place where they feel comfortable and can demonstrate their interests. 

The ENFJ will look for common interests and generally try to appeal to the other person’s mannerisms and passions. Don’t look for an ENFJ to completely abandon their wide circle of friends to spend an entire evening talking to one person; instead, the ENFJ will give subtle hints they like you by teasing, asking you questions about your interests, and opening up about their passions and interests.

ENTJ: Best first date: Since they enjoy traditional dates, a candlelit dinner at a nice restaurant may be a surefire way to win their heart. If the ENTJ is a guy, they will want to pay for it, both to fulfill tradition and appear in a leadership role. 

Engaging their intellectual wit, they will most likely tease the person they are on a date with and even begin to debate with them. They may feel clueless about impressing the other person, but their natural charm and intelligence generally carries them through. 


Of course, we went on dates, although they were very awkward at the start. I think the first date we went on was at a science expo held by Stark Enterprise? Then had dinner at a restaurant.

Everyone thought we were either father and son or worse, that I was his grandfather…

The night at the hotel was a better experience.

We hacked the fridge in our room so we got free drinks, snuck to the outdoor pool and ended up spending the rest of the night there by the pool and stargazing. Tadashi is such a light weight I had to carry him to hide us when the security guard came by.

We ended up falling asleep there until we were found and kicked out. It turned out to be a good night.

I’m going on my first date this weekend with a guy I barely know, he’s seems like a very sweet genuine guy :) Do you have any general first date tips?

I have a few:

  1. Dress in something that you are comfortable and confident in, it makes a huge difference
  2. Drive yourself, this seems silly but you should have an escape plan if you need it
  3. Have a few stories or conversation topics ready, something funny and light and shows what you like to do.
  4. Relax, you are just trying to get to know one another, so just try and be yourself
  5. Have fun! This is supposed to be a new adventure and not stressful, so make sure you treat it that way.

-Frankie (thatgirlaboveyou)