ep: echo house

Teen Wolf- Shadow

Oh my god, i just realized, the guy who hung himself in Eichen House was saying something before he went over the ledge, something about birds and staying dry, it’s actually a riddle; ‘I’m the part of the bird that’s not in the sky, I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry.’ The answer is a shadow, just like the 'everyone has it, no one can lose it’ riddle. A+ continuity there writers.

Last Night's Episode Went a Little Like This... (Echo House Edition)

Sheriff, Scott and Stiles at the gates to the mental institution

Sheriff Stilinski and the pillow

The Sheriff watching Stiles walk away

The Patient hanging himself

Stiles’ new room mate

Stiles can’t sleep without his pillow

Malia punching Stiles

Ms. Morell shows up

Basement kanji is still on the wall

Argent and Derek in jail and papa Argent would feel remorse putting Stiles down.

Group Therapy and Stiles seeing the Nogitsune

Ms. Morell giving Stiles amphetamines and telling him that when the marks on his neck fade the Nogitsune will regain control.

Ms. Morell telling Stiles that she will pretty much kill him if the Nogitsune regains control.

Malia and Stiles in the bathroom

The pack is going to rob an armored truck?!

Papa Argent’s lawyer

Stiles being caught and sedated

Kira and her sword skills

Stiles in the nightmare locker

Fight scene and they got the scroll

Evil lady talking to Chris about the code and Allison

Sex on the couch in the basement?

Finding the Nogitsune body in the wall

Oliver with the taser

Oliver and the drill

Stiles giving into the Nogitsune

Deaton and Scott. They have to turn Stiles?

Malia leaving the Eichan House and her glowing blue eyes

All in all a good episode! Could have done without the basement sex though. And what about that preview for the next 4 episodes!!!


Me During Tonights Episode:

Me Watching The Preview Of The Rest Of The Season: