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SPN S6 Watch Notes

Just a heads up: I am not a person who particularly enjoys S6 and S7. These are the years that made me give up on the show. I think S7 may actually be easier for me to deal with now that I have the benefit of looking at it through hindsight, but S6 is still a steaming pile to me, even after giving it THREE chances to change my mind in the last year or so.

And it occurred to me while I was watching this season that the reason behind me not enjoying season 6 may be PART of the reason why Demon!Dean didn’t last very long in S10: a big reason why I (and many others) did not like S6 is because Sam wasn’t Sam for half the season. He didn’t even really FEEL like Sam, and he wasn’t particularly likable as Soulless!Sam… outside of Edlund’s version of him in 6x09. (I feel like Demon!Dean was still likable, but I’m also a biased Dean!girl.) Part of me wonders if the producers took the lessons learned from S6 and felt they couldn’t make Demon!Dean last as long because of the complaint of one of the two main characters not really being there for an extended period of time… I dunno.

And then in the second half when we got Sam back, it got very sloppy.

So the front half wasn’t enjoyable because Sam wasn’t there, and the back half was just… a mess. It was difficult to even really tell what direction they were going in, and I very much felt like I was getting jerked around in an unpleasant way.


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