ep: devils cherry

Okay guys, I have to let my thoughts out.

See, I’ve never been a hardcore Jisbon-shipper. I mean, I always thought that they were cute and everything and I think it’s kinda obvious that they have feelings for each other but I’ve never shipped them as much as most of you guys!
BUT I really gotta say that last night’s episode really changed my opinion about Jane and Lisbon.
I think with that episode, the writers sort of wanted to make sure that everyone understands where the relationship could be going this season. “Devil’s Cherry” was a turning point for their relationship, I think. For several reasons.
First of all, Charlotte. I think it was pretty obvious that she liked the idea of her father being with Lisbon and she hinted that several times. Now, Charlotte and everything that she said was made up by Jane. HE imagined her saying all those things so doesn’t that mean that’s actually what he’s thinking?

Secondly, Angela was not there. He did see his daughter, who, just to say that again, repeadetly teased Jane about Lisbon but he DID NOT SEE HIS WIFE. Why not? Maybe because he’s starting to realize that he has to move on? Who knows, but I think it definitely meant something that he was seeing Charlotte but not his wife. 

And then, of course, when Charlotte asked him if anyone really knew him. He didn’t hesitate with his answer. Lisbon is the only who knows him and the fact that she was the first thing he thought of when he woke up definitely means something.
Also, whenever Jane is in some kind of daze (Fugue In Red) it’s pretty obvious that he’s attracted to her.  

So yeah, I think you shippers should not be worried about not getting enough Jisbon this season. Jane and Lisbon clearly have a lot of things to resolve and discuss and I think it’s gonna be quite fun to watch. 
And I have to admit, my shipper heart definitely grew a little bit last night. 

Quick Devils Cherry Observation

So bittersweet.

Obviously his subcoscious knows how much Lisbon means to him and he even wonders why they havent crossed that line but he WILLINGLY starts drinking an hallucinogenic drug to stay with his daughter who doesnt exist instead of reaching for the woman who does. He is that scared of being ‘REAL’ he chooses to stay in a world that doesnt exist. But he wants Lisbon with him….

Do you all realize how messed up that is??

He needs to stay in reality and Lisbon can only save him so much. I want him to ask her for help especially if they go with addiction. He needs to realize on his own that he needs help. I think we have just witnessed the Darker Jane and I am worried.