ep: course listing unavailable

Course Listing Unavailable

It’s been pointed out that in “Course Listing Unavailable” the group essentially goes through the five stages of grief — only over their lost Biology 101 credit and it’s repercussions, not their lost classmate:

  • Denial: The news that they’re going to have to repeat Biology over summer causes Jeff to scream a Big “NO!”.
  • Anger: The study group, upon delivering their eulogies, become consumed with anger and each instead delivers a rant abouthow terrible Greendale is, prompting a riot.
  • Bargaining: The group attempt to get out of trouble for the former by making a deal with the Dean to blame the whole thing on Chang.
  • Depression: After Greendale expels them, everyone glumly sits around the table at Troy, Abed and Annie’s apartment, Annie and Shirley look like they’re about to start drowning their sorrows, Britta and Jeff acknowledge they’re the worst and Britta, when she goes to get the pizzas, looks like she’s about to succumb to the charms of the creepy pizza guy.
  • Acceptance: After Troy and Abed deliver a speech about how, while things are bad, they’re not nearly as bad as they could be, everyone cheers up a bit and begins eating the pizza companionably.

Community season 3, episode 18: Course Listing Unavailable 

I will never understand how a show can continue to not only stay as amazing as it is at its best but top itself week after week. This episode was not a “bit” episode but it was phenomenal for the characters and set up a season finale storyline which was great. This episode was just so well done. The plot was great, the acting was amazing, and the ending was touching. I even got my much anticipated Dean moment (and it was brilliant) while getting a super intense riot scene. One of the best riot scenes ever holy hell! This season has had a LOT of good riot scenes. I am also very glad they brought Chang back for a more major role. He was scary. Haha. 

I can’t wait to see how they get back into Greendale. I look forward to next thursday!