ep: coquilles

the new look

ugh i dont have time for dream deers right now

do you have any idea how fast you were going

[ ice sounds]

honey are you sure this is the new look

these are dead

you can see the strings so i dont think they’re really angels

                                                                           n o t … r e a l l y… a n g l e s 

does anyone have a quarter

hambul makes the best juice                                             what

                             this is ducks not people so don’t even say its people

                                  you shouldn’t be mean to birds

i’m surprised this guy didn’t die earlier he’s full of all these white antlers

i will remove them

you have cancer and do sex with other men

wow you are a good guess man

but why all the mushrooms

                                    that’s not even the right guy

 how do you still have job

i do not understand fashion

                                                  the killer must be very tall

i know as soon as i go inside i will remember what i was supposed to do on the roof naked

it’s not like this looks familiar or anything

                                                   why have you smelled at me

is that not cool

yeah i mean my husband was exactly like your wife and he had cancer so

so everyone angeled themselves after all

guess that’s why they call this

the city of angels


J: I want you to know that I don’t want you to be alone. Not now, and not ever.

B: We’ll beat this together?

J: No, it’s your fight, baby, but I’m in your corner. I’m not going anywhere.

B: I appreciate that, Jack. I do. But I’m not comforted by it. I know that’s what you need, and…you need to comfort me. But I can’t give you what you need.

J: Don’t worry about what I need.