ep: comeback


Since UNIQ is a Chinese/Korean group under a Chinese company, it seems UNIQ’s comeback is dependent on the China-South Korea relations, which has unfortunately been deteriorating. This is so sad for UNIQ as a group because even though the situation is out of their control, they’ve lost so many fans since they haven’t had another comeback and are pretty much labeled as a one-hit-wonder after EOEO.

Earlier, Sungjoo also had to stop all his activities in China (even though he was gaining more and more fans there and was set to star in the Chinese remake of “She Was Pretty”). Wenhan also had to stop his appearances in Korean entertainment shows just as he was gaining the hang of it. 

But UNIQ has made the most of the situation. They are still active, just not as a music group for now. The Chinese members have been individually active in China (in dramas, movies, TV shows) and the Korean members have been active in Korea (kdrama for Sungjoo and Seungyoun has been working on music, entertainment shows, and SMTM). 

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