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Dramarama theory

So, I have a theory about Dramarama - well not for all of it, but for some parts.

I’ll start with the Jooheon x Kihyun storyline (for me this was the easisest part to interpret).

First we see a flashback of the 2 of them. They were together somewhere (a trip maybe?), then the car crash.

Then we see Hyungwon giving Kihyun the watch (according to the watch we’re in 2017).

After that Kihyun goes back to the past (2015) to save Jooheon. 

But he fails eventually. Then comes Hyungwon again and he makes Jooheon come back to life. But that has a price so Kihyun has to sacrifice himself for Jooheon. And they switch places. 

For me the question here is, why did Kihyun need the help of Hyungwon. I’m assuming there’s a rule: you can only change YOUR past, not others’. And not a certain EVENT but your FATE (like the accident happened anyways). And only ONE event. But with Hyungwon’s help both Kihyun’s and Jooheon’s past changed. (I’m really not sure about this tho).

So this is my theory for Kihyun and Jooheon.

About the other 2 I’m absolutely, totally not sure.

But let’s go with Shownu x Wonho. 

So, Wonho is living in the future (2047).

In the beginning we hear a voice that says: “Time warp is not allowed. Do not take any watches form CHW”. (I’m assuming CHW is Hyungwon). And it’s also written on the side of the clock on the wall. The unclear part is: how did Wonho get the watch?

We actually don’t see what time he’s travelling to, but I’m assuming to the past. I feel like Shownu is a close relative of Wonho’s (he’s father maybe). I think his father died before Wonho was born and he wants to know him. But Shownu doesn’t know who Wonho is. Or maybe he does… He looked like he knew Wonho was a time traveller. 

So I guess not only those who timetravel(?) know about timetravelling but those also who are involved in certain events.

In the end Wonho’s watch is taken away. We know that in the future, people are aware of timetravelling (the voice at the beginning). But we don’t know for how long Wonho was using the watch and how the men in black knew about him using it.

And the most unclear part for me is I.M x Minhyuk.

Minhyuk also lives in 2017, BUT he didn’t go back to the past! He’s still in 2017 (well maybe he’s event happened earlier this year but who knows) but at another place. 

Maybe he also knows about time travelling since he knew he had to run away from the men in black (or maybe they just scared the shit out of him). 

(((the place where he goes somehow reminds me of the place we see in All In)))

Then he meets I.M. I honestly don’t know what kind of relationship they have (could be childhood friends or even brothers). They can’t run away from the men in black, so Minhyuk wants to save the both of them (they are holding hands).


for me it looks like he wants to go back to 2014 (when everything was still alright)!! (maybe something’s wrong with my eyes but it does not look like a 7 to me).

And I think I.M saw that. He probably also knows about the time travelling rules, so he lets go of Minhyuk’s hand. In the last minute when Minhyuk pushes the button on the watch, the men in black also shoot. And probably the watch got damaged and it took Minhyuk back to 2017 instead of 2014. 

OR once you use the watch, you can travel to one time ONLY: From this story I think 2014 might be the year all this time travelling shit started. And I.M is kind of like Hyungwon. Maybe I.M dies after Minhyuk leaves, but we’re seeing him alive in the end because Minhyuk came back to the exact same time so I.M is also at that time. (or I’m just tooootally wrong and he’s happy and alive). Anyways something feels suspicious about I.M. Maybe he’s with the men in black.

But again not sure of anything. The more I type, the more uncertain I become…

Then Hyungwon. He is the ultimate time traveller (newspaper at the beginning + do not take watches from CHW)

. He makes and gives the watches to the others. 

I think he knows when the others use the watch (he looked at his own in the rain when Kihyun used the watch and the rain started to fall backwards). He can use the watch at his own will, can do watherver he wants with it.

The uncertain parts with him: he helped Kihyun but did not the others. Why? Maybe if Shownu lives way back in the past, he would die eventually in the future (since he’s old probably) and Wonho wasn’t even born. Not sure. 

But he could’ve helped I.M and Minhyuk. There’s not a big age gap and they could’ve switched places as well. 1. I.M is one of the men in black (but didn’t hurt Minhyuk since he loves him). 2. I.M sacrificed himself AGAIN for Minhyuk. 3. Hyungwon didn’t want to be caught by the bad people.

Are the watches Kihyun, Minhyuk and Wonho use the same or completely different? If these are the same then the storyline could go: 1. Wonho (the watch got taken away, but Hyungwon somehow managed to get it back), 2. Kihyun (after Hyungwon helped him, he got back the watch), 3. Minhyuk (the watch is damaged, that has to be the end).  

And I noticed some interesting things, but I don’t know whether they’re important or not.

traveler is written on the door.

03.01 PM. 03.01 is Wonho’ birthday. Coincidence?

So this is my theory and it could be COMPLETELY wrong. I got excited and wanted to share my thoughts. There are a LOT of uncertain parts. Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, I wrote this fast before I forget everything. 

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