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Audition for our ANIMATION!


My friend (@armedhobo) and I are currently working on an animation about a middle school boy who loses his friends to the evil Cloaked Man. We could really use some help!

The audition is free to EVERYONE (regardless of gender, race, age, previous experience, etc)!! The audition deadline is DECEMBER 1st, 2017 and those who land a role must submit their script lines by DECEMBER 30, 2017. Would prefer if audition audio is done with a high quality microphone but is not necessary.

Here is the audition packet! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Qn6Ks6Bph5MaJp5HU72CkonJrwORehRquNBjwGy4Uv4

**Those who land a role may earn monetary compensation depending on the role.

Thank you for checking out and good luck!

(any questions/comments/concerns? Email us at twinfleezstudios@gmail.com)

Calling all non-cisgender musicians near NYC

I’ve been asked to sing at Lyric Hall in New Haven for trans week, on opening night of their huge event! This is an amazing opportunity but I need your help!

I’m not confident enough on guitar or piano for an audience. I need a group of trans or gender nonconforming people to join me for a few songs in late November.

We would need to rehearse in the southern CT area regularly, the exact place depends on where everyone is.

The songs I’ve chosen so far don’t have sheet music, so you’ll have to be able to listen and practice enough times to get it well enough to be recognizable. I’m not looking for perfection because all of us will sound perfect together!

If all this goes well, who knows? We could keep making music!

Message me if you’re interested! Thank you ❤❤❤

* I need people to commit by September 9th so if you see this after, kindly disregard it*

woah!! It's a musica!!

We’re starting an online adaptation of BE MORE CHILL! Audition! Join the discord chat! Have fun with it!
Please read the whole document, and the info channel on discord.
Anyone can audition, no matter your accent. 

Deadlines have not been determined. 

If you have questions, ask this Tumblr account, or the questions channel on discord. We’ll answer as soon as we can!

Link is above.


There is a extra casting call for the 2nd season of Donald Glover's show “Atlanta”

Guess who just send in an audition! :D

Like before, this will not only help me gain the necessary experience I need to be successful in the industry, but I will hopefully meet professionals that know what it takes to be successful. 

With a little bit of fortune, I might just make the right impression on someone and find myself with an even bigger role.

*fingers crossed to be selected* 


I have an audition for an orchestra coming up really shortly and I have to perform a piece/excerpt unaccompanied that is under 5 minutes and I don’t know what to do?! Some options:
-Fantasie, Faure (quite polished and good)
-Cantabile et Presto, Enesco (started pretty recently but I still have more time to perfect it)
-Poulenc flute sonata 1st movement (could be too easy??)
-Bach’s partita in A minor- allemande
-Allegro spiritoso from Concerto in G, Pergolesi (could also be too easy)

Would LOVE any thoughts asap thanks!!!!