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Serious LoK Meta

Attention avatar fans.

As someone who studied materials science, I finally figured out a way to make Bryke’s platinum-exception work: Bryan has really bad handwriting, and when he wrote “titanium” Mike read it as “platinum.” But the type they got to the recording studio, the damage was done.

So. There you have it. In the avatar-verse, the words “platinum” and “titanium” are switched. And yes, that makes palladium really confusing.

in brief
  • Got the official word my car is totaled. I was emotionally prepared for it, but it still sucks for all the reasons. The big one, right now, is the lack of time I have for buying a new car.
  • I’m looking into livestreaming our games in the upcoming sectionals tournament. I’ll let you know.
  • What I’ve seen so far is great and challenging, but I’ll be skipping today’s #getweirdinjuly since it seems my humor meters are all badly miscalibrated at the moment and I don’t want to do any further damage.