ep: 92


Can we talk about how fucked up this is? How fucked up that it may not even be the titan serum by itself that does this to people, that even in a titan form, they could have a chance at individuality but even that is stripped from them? How fucked up that human beings are turned into mindless nothings, only good for killing enemies?

 This may be the most evil scenario I have ever seen in a series. People forced to kill their own, from both sides. The cruelty of their situation is insurmountable in my eyes. I don’t know who has it worse. The titans, or the people devoured by them. 

 It is absolutely depressing.


Found and rescued this little kitty yesterday -  - he’s a 2 months old male ginger kitty. Took him to the vet : he’s in good health, no illnesses, has been treated against worms and fleas. I really, really want to keep him but after all I can’t so if you know anyone interested in ADOPTING this cutie, please get in touch! I’m in the Paris area (Garches). Please share.

J’ai trouvé ce chaton hier, l’ai emmené direct chez le vétérinaire : il a deux mois, en bonne santé, testé négatif leucose et sida; a été traité contre les puces et les vers. A faire vacciner et stériliser d’ici ses 6 mois. Je rêve d’avoir un mâle roux depuis des années, je pensais le garder mais pour des raisons financières et d’espace, ça ne va pas être possible. Alors si vous êtes intéressé(e)s pour adopter cet adorable chaton mâle, contactez-moi. Je suis à Garches (92), région parisienne.Merci de faire tourner.