ep: 87

Why Akira isn’t dead

Chapter 87. Let’s talk. I’m doing another one of these things.

So, the last page has the top half with Takizawa strangling Akira, and the bottom half like this:

He says very clearly “What you want?”

This is important because Akira and he are not exchanging conversation. This implies that someone else is intruding on the scene. Someone who, I believe, cut Takizawa’s arm off.

I think that’s what the blood is. Someone’s cut his arm off. If you look at the image, you’ll see also that there are movement lines around his arm–long movement lines, implying a greater, singular movement as opposed to shorter lines that would imply a trembling arm like you’d expect from him strangling someone in the air. 

Another thing is that his arm is too high. If his arm was cut off, then yeah, the movement would cause his arm to raise up. Why is his arm too high?

Look at how high she is off the ground. Not very high. Considering their height differences



That’s 7cm. That would mean that I estimate Akira’s foot being around 20cm off the ground. Now, we could do maths here but let’s say that this would basically mean that Takizawa’s arm is only a little bit higher than straight out. So why is his arm so high on the last page? 

Maybe because it’s been cut off and the left-over segment is thrown by the momentum of the blow. But who could this be? 

I’m inclined to believe it’s not Amon. if it were Amon, I’d be expecting a different response from the man who used to be Takizawa’s colleague. 

So, there. I think someone came and saved Akira because of these facts.

Also, an added bonus because I hate myself:

He’s crying as he strangles her.