ep: 84

  • Pike: Did you want to go through [Scanlan's] things?
  • Percy: A bit. That would be cruel - well, you're a decent person; should we?
  • Kerrek: Well, what if he happens to have something on him that... requires attention?
  • Pike: I- I- I actually would agree, because, what if there's something, you know, that, that he needs our help with but feels weird about asking?
  • Kerrek: RIGHT, or, if he has... what if there's... um. Well, I was thinking like a plant that needs watering?
  • Pike: Of course.
  • Kerrek: Except, something that you would have in your pocket, which is not a plant.
GSNK 84 Review (spoilers)

Seowaka (Wakaseo) relationship has taken a step forward. Or backwards, maybe?

Seo finally finds out that Wakamatsu falls asleep at her own songs. She uses this to play many pranks on him immediately. Poor Waka. He fails to see who she is all the time. Seo thinks this is cool, being able to bring him down immediately.

However, this has caused a side effect…

Not wanting to break Waka’s beautiful illusion, Seo tries to make it up, but Waka thinks that Lorelei hates him. Seo later fervently explains Waka that Lorelei might not even know who he is. Waka cries hard in Seo’s lap in disappointment. He falls asleep on Seo’s lap from exhaustion later.

Seo, looking at sleeping Waka, wonders what will happen to him if she sings close to him. And she does so.

(She’s singing children’s song here btw)

She panics and calls Nozaki that Waka won’t wake up no matter what she does. and the chaptert ends there. Wakamatsu woke up normally the next day.

This chapter in one sentence:

Waka is beginning to gain clues to who the real Lorelei is.

Those two are becoming a bit like Usami-chan and Hayasaka in Oresama Teacher though(another manga by same author). It’s bit serious over there, and Hayasaka has decided not to find out who Usami-chan is although he adores her very much.

Since GSNK is a comedy manga, I don’t think they’ll go that way but it’ll be interesting to find out how Izumi-san will end these two sets of characters differently.

Michael Jackson and Elijah 1984 

“It was just by coincidence that I became acquainted with Michael Jackson. It was 1983 and my wife, Flora, was pregnant with our first child. Frequently, we ate at a vegetarian restaurant called, “The Golden Temple”. Generally we went during the hours between lunch and dinner. There were few other customers during that time period, but there was one other regular: Michael Jackson. 

He had recently become a vegetarian, and he was fascinated to follow the progress of a vegetarian pregnancy. When our son, Elijah, was born in June, Michael was excited to see him. Once he asked me what it was like to be a father, and he told me that that was what he wanted most of all in life: to have a child of his own to take care of. Even then, there was something poignant about this man who had not been allowed to be a normal child himself wanting to be a father.

On February 18, 1984, when Elijah was eight months old, we took him to The Golden Temple. There were no others customers except Michael and his 13-year-old friend, Emmanuel Lewis, who was known to the world as “Webster.” Michael said that he wished he had a camera because he wanted his picture taken with Elijah. My wife had a camera in her bag, but no film. Michael suggested that she could get some film at a nearby drugstore and asked if he and Emmanuel could take care of Elijah while we waited. When Flora returned, Michael suggested various poses and she snapped a number of photos of Elijah with Michael and Emmanuel. Michael asked for copies of the prints when they were developed.

Each of the photos turned out to be of interest, but there was one, of Michael holding Elijah in his arms, that stood out. Looking at it today, 25 years later, and seeing Michael’s bright look and clear smile, I can’t help but feel sad. He looked healthy, happy and untroubled. His album Thriller had caused a sensation. “Beat It” had been released only four days earlier. And ten days after that afternoon at The Golden Temple, he won eight Grammy Awards. When we next saw him at the restaurant just after his night of triumph, he was beaming, but he also seemed a bit embarrassed by his success.

I got a lot of mileage out of that photo of Michael Jackson and Elijah. Whenever I traveled, I brought with a packet of family photos. The Michael and Elijah photo was the last in the set, and when people got to it, they were usually stunned. Wherever I went, China, Russia, Burma, Tahiti, everyone recognized Michael Jackson. I have to admit that, as a journalist, I used it to put people at ease when I wanted to interview them.

Now that he is gone, I want to share that photo of Michael Jackson, from a time when he appeared to be at peace with himself and with the world. This is the way I want to remember him.”   -David Wallechinsky  (Elijah’s Father)

When unkind and hateful rulers come into power, overthrow them.

Do not be silent. Do not be malleable. 

Burn this shit to the ground and then rebuild it better than before.