ep: 84

Vex getting all nervous about the thought of leaving her brother to stay with Percy is so perfect. Life has happened to them so fast and she hasn’t fully had time to comprehend what it means when they have down time. She also hasn’t had a chance to completely synthesize what settling down with Percy might mean.

Disney Secret #84: Mrs. Potts is a tea pot because it symbolizes who she really is (as a human). Being a single mother not only was a struggle for her, but it caused her to be filled with anger. She’d keep her anger to herself and not let her heated emotions affect anybody, especially Chip. Tea pots are filled with hot tea, and that’s exactly what Mrs. Potts was filled with… hot tea. Her beautiful ceramic portrayal kept her from harming others from her heat, it made her safe. It represented her smile and outer appearance. She kept a smile and pretended all was okay when in reality, she was filled with fear, heat, and anger.