ep: 81

Other nice things in this chapter, besides all the talking kagune, there’s also:

Confirmed floppy Kurona.
Kakuja Kurona.
Suzuya squad working together in that easy practiced way.
Suzuya looking super fine in that panel I made my icon.
Nakarai comforting Hanbee.
Kaneki breaking Arima’s super awesome strong SSSSSSSS rated Owl quinque the first time he ever uses it.
That cover art of Kaneki smiling.

And that’s it, nothing else happened in this chapter. There’s nothing to worry about. Everyone is fine.

Margaery sat applying the finishing touches to her makeup in her hotel room in Oldtown, her hands shaking slightly in anticipation for what was to come. Her grandfather had allowed her, Robb, and their children to stay in one of the suites at his hotel during their time attending the Westerosi Business Awards and their vow renewal ceremony. The Stark girls and boys had been tucked into bed by their Grandmother Alerie who volunteered to watch them for a night. Everything seemed to be in place apart from her own nerves; she was more than happy to be in her old college town with her husband, but she couldn’t help but get the jitters thinking about the award that she and Robb could potentially win.

“Are you nearly ready, baby?” she called out softly, tucking a curl behind her ear, “I could use your help getting zipped up.”