ep: 76


i FINALLY got around to drawing reaper and 76.. so

reaper and 76 are grade 12s and best friends (until 76 gets elected as co-prez of studco and reaper isnt LOL) reaper is like… emo and loves sasuke and writes edgy poetry and 76 is ur neighbourhood friendly hipster.. lots of starbucks…watches bad reality TV

symmetra and mei are 11th graders and mercy is a 12 grader! mercy and mei are both in biomed club and model un and become SCIENCE FRIENDS, mei and symmetra have tons of classes together and they both like OBJECTIVELY TERRIBLE shows and watch tons of shitty chinese and indian dramas together

I’m so glad that Kaneki recognized his own inner strength.

I’m so glad Kaneki realizes that those words and that comfort came from himself, that he showed himself the person he wanted to see and that he told himself the things he wanted to hear.

I’m so glad he knows that he’s doing this all himself, that he can rely on himself, that he’s stronger than he knew.