ep: 6x06

So I have yet to actually watch the episode BUT I want to point something out.

This may seem like Damon whining because Elena doesn’t remember the that she liked him (aka liked to bang him), but think about this. All Damon has ever done with Elena or Katherine for that matter in insert himself in their lives. He tried to make them love him, tried to change Elena into a monster version of herself and let her make excuses for him. So it it’s fitting to add himself into it, to make himself think that she needs him to be in the photo. 

Now this scene he doesn’t do anything to the photo. He just stares at it because Bonnie is Bonnie. She kept him having hope while they were stuck in the ground hog day, but still she never became someone who lets him get away with things. She stayed true to herself and challenged him to be who is really was. Not a copy of Stefan, not Stefan’s evil brother, but be himself. She even told him “theres hope for you.” after saying “hope is the only thing keeping me going.” Now he just misses her.