ep: 47

Nothing on the outside world seems to make me happy, it’s just the simple things. Like seeing a bee take pollen from a flower, that’s life, and to a three year old child that’s still life. But the thing is as you grow this world makes you take your eye off the things like that, and we need to bring it back to that if we ever want to make it anywhere, because if we’re trying to build up our lives to have material things and those don’t satisfy our needs then what are we living for?
—  Capital Steez

i still can’t believe they just Killed him like that

So many immediate incoherent thoughts about Episode 37….

1. Erwin is magnificent.  Just fucking magnificent. 

2. So is Ymir.  She is a goddess. 

3. Hannes’ death was tragic and I almost cried with Bertl.

4. I’m sad we didn’t get Erwin collapsing on top of the wall and Historia’s grief stricken outburst. 

5. But oh man that scene at the end.  I’m glad that we got Beard!win and his perfect creepy smile, and I can understand why they had to cut the scene short but it’s how they cut it that bemuses me.  That scene basically sets up Erwin’s dream, and Levi’s realisation that this is why Erwin joined the survey corps.  

And we’re explicitly told in the Answers book that Levi still chooses to follow Erwin even though he is surprised by his ulterior motives.  Cutting this out makes me wonder how they’ll handle the whole thread of Erwin’s dream later in the series. 

What really had me scratching my head though was Levi’s final words:

“We’ll run out of people before we learn the truth.  It’s not worth the cost.” 

Throughout the manga Levi may be surprised by Erwin’s reactions and motivations but I don’t think he ever explicitly contradicts him or voices dissent, other than in chapter 72, which is a whole other ball game.  To me, that line just seems….out of character.  And, again, I wonder how this will affect Levi’s character development in later series. 

I guess there is a slight possibility that Season 3 might return to this scene as it includes Erwin and Pixis discussion about Krista and Eren being humanity’s most valuable assets and Levi announcing that he’s reforming his new squad, so I haven’t quite given up hope. Anyway….

tl:dr Stop fucking with the Eruris. 

Sorry I should stop salting and go and do adult things now.  Love you all.