ep: 47

Hebrew Slang of the day #47

White night - Laila lavan - לילה לבן

An all nighter.


“Have you heard the Get Down got cancelled?”

“Yeah, I’m so angry about it - I did a white night in order to watch it all over again.”

“שמעת שדה גט דאון בוטל?”

“כן, אני כל כך כועסת - עשיתי לילה לבן כדי לראות את הכל שוב.”


Photo series #8
Today’s photo series is about a plane that has been my childhood passion i first played Ace Combat 3, this aircraft is the Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut or S-32 or S-37 or Firkin as NATO reports it (so many designations lol).
The Berkut was a technology demonstrator and a prototype to a possible fighter jet, it’s most notable feature is the foward-swept wings that gives it an insane maneuverability, it was also designed to have thrust vectoring but the one and only prototype built came with standard engine exhausts.
Although it had a promising future, the Su-47 has a really short service record but according to Russian officials, the research and development of the Berkut is still going strong and that several prototypes will be built and that we may see a possible production of it in a near future and i would love to see this bird flying again.
That’s it for this photo series as always, if you have any suggestions or want to send pictures in, I’ll be more than happy to upload it!

We were building a home
Last I heard it was burning down to ashes
Swallowed up in all my absence
Couldn’t see through the smoke
And it was suffocating
I heard you screaming out for me to hurt your demons