ep: 3.03

Can i just talk about the lighting of this scene and how it give me so many feel? One of my favorite things about this scene is how Clarke and Lexa are lit by two different sources of light with different hues. Clarke is lit by a yellow hue being cast by candles in the room, while Lexa is being lit by a blue hue due to moon light cascading in from the window. What gives me feels is that Clarke’s face is being lit by fire that is from the Earth (oxygen is needed, also Lexa is a candle lover), while Lexa’s is being lit by the sky. The lighting in this scene is a refection on how the other person is being changed and guided by the other. Clarke by candle light, aka by Lexa, and Lexa by moonlight, aka by Clarke. However, they are still being lit from behind by their past sources of light; the sky and candle light. They are still being ‘touched’ by their previous ways of viewing the world, but how they see the world is now cast in a different light.

Additionally, yellow and blue are complementary colors. When complementary colors are combined they produce white light; something that contains all the wavelengths of light. Clarke and Lexa together form something that is vibrant and inclusive. idk if this made sense, but it makes me feel things. Clexa things. [gif]