ep: 2x03

good things in 2x03

  • literally made me cry
  • the flashbacks were super cute
  • angry magnus
  • all of the not so subtle hints at bi/pan/not straight!simon
  • simon’s mom thinking he was dating raphael
  • magnus trying to wake alec up with ‘true loves kiss’
  • alpha dad luke
  • everyone’s reactions to alec not being dead
  • jace calling alec his brother like 37 times
  • jocelyn getting the roasting she deserved
  • magnus caring so much about alec
  • maia’s wolf transformation
  • all of the outdoor sets
  • excellent pacing

not super great things in 2x03

  • teen izzy was white (seriously casting guys, seriously)
  • all of the bad lines from izzy and raj and victor toward downworlders
    • ‘stay’, ‘good doggy’, calling magnus ‘warlock’, ‘i know you’re old, but i didn’t realize you were hard of hearing’