ep: 27

Again, appreciation for what’s actually happening on my screen, BUT BACKGROUND DETAILS

This first:

It looks like there’s a little pirate cove on the shelf, doubtless built from the shit Steven (I’m assuming Steven) has found washed up on shore. Why? WHY NOT EXACTLY

My favourite though is this:

“A Game”.


You just know the creators are sitting around trying to figure out a creative parody game name but nothing was working so it was “FUCK IT, IT’S ‘A GAME’.”

Which is marvelous in itself, but take it in-universe, and now suddenly someone somewhere created AND SUCCESSFULLY MARKETED a game just called “A Game”.

And you know it’s because of the literal title that Steven has it.

Steven: Let’s play a game!

Garnet: *goes out and comes back with “A GAME”*

“A Game”, fuck off all of you, I love it.