ep: 2.04

A Pikelan Masterpost

Welcome, friends! It’s “The Pikelan masterpost that nobody asked for but I made anyway because so many of my favorite moments are overlooked ones not included in the big Youtube timestamps”….or “A Pikelan masterpost”, for short.

Here you will find all the great Pikelan moments of Critical Role. They’re listed chronologically and timestamped with brief descriptions to help you find that one you’re just itching to watch again.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know!

& most importantly, enjoy!

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Ned  & The “Hug” Machine, Pushing Daisies, season 2, Ep. 04 (Frescorts)…

Watching Supergirl ep 2×04 with mom
  • 1st scene with Alex and Maggie
  • Mom: same Kara same.
  • Scene with Kara and Mon-El
  • Mom: I don't ship it. Kara if you got to pick a dude pick James.
  • Scene with Kara and Lena
  • Mom: Kara you have a type. Powerful older women who own powerful companies.
  • Last scene with Alex and Maggie
  • Mom: Alex got it bad. Dont stand there and look like a kick puppy. Girl go after your woman!