ep: 1x01 pilot

one thing they added to season 2 of into the badlands that i love is a title card for the episode title because the naming convention i think is one of those neat little gems about the series. i love that they’ve made it more prominent to casual viewers now.


Character to watch: Tim Gutterson, Justified. Images from 1x01 - Fire In The Hole (Pilot)

With season 4 of Justified set to begin on FX Tuesday, I’m likely to go on a Justified blog spree. 

Main reason?  Surprisingly, not Timothy Olyphant as US Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the eyecandy that Tim always will be and he’s incredible in the role of Raylan and I love Raylan, but ^this guy^ Tim Gutterson, played by Jacob Pitts, is kind of a show-stealer for me.  I watch every episode for bits of him and I hope, really hope, season 4 gives us more.

Top pic is just a screencap of our first glimpse of US Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson (middleman) some 15 minutes into the show.  At first glance, you kind of overlook and dismiss him, I know I did.  Nothing stands out. Cute enough, but so professional and bland looking.  Slicked hair, rolled up sleeves, standard striped button-up and simple tie.  Nice stance, wears the gun well on his hip, but definitely overshadowed by Raylan in his signature Stetson.

Then we have the gifs.  About 41 minutes into the episode, we see the when & why I pretty much fell in love with the US Army Ranger sniper turned US Marshal. 

The man is a BAMF. 

His vehicle comes under fire and he just rolls out, cool as can be as he goes to the back of the SUV to get his rifle even as rednecks are shooting out the window over his shoulder.  He assembles his rifle, then asks his boss (Chief Deputy Art Mullen, edited out) if he should kill the assailants or merely wing (clip/wound) them.  There is no hesitation or doubt about him being able to do either - kill the two men that have them pinned down or clip them.  First time I saw this, I blinked at that and immediately sat forward with interest. (This is the kid from Eurotrip?!)

His attire and demeanor mislead one to think him to be young, unassuming and professional.  He’s young and professional, but he’s not rigid or strictly by-the-book.  He’s intelligent, patient, resourceful, quiet, observant, sharp, wryly humorous, steady, strong, focused and one hell of a shot.  He takes his job very seriously, but will do things if/when needed that might jeopardize his career if it helps his team (3x08 Watching The Detectives) - I love a loyal man.  We get flashes of his backstory, but very little.  Really just his military service in Afghanistan and an allusion that he had an abusive father that he likely joined the service to escape (2x11 Full Commitment) and he’s a self-confessed betting man, but that was said with enough tongue in cheek to belie the words.  He has at least 2 tattoos (inner right wrist and upper right chest) but he often keeps them covered with his watch and shirts fully buttoned.  We only saw a flash of the chest tat in 1x11 Veterans when he was called in off duty and on his way to drunk and came on scene in a wifebeater and unbuttoned flannel shirt.  (Can we please see more skin on this guy?!)  Of his personal life, we know precious little aside from a female friend in the FBI that he’s able to go to for information others may not be able to obtain (3x07 The Man Behind The Curtain.)  Conjecture is that he’s gay after the brief flash we have of him at the bar standing with/looking at a man in 2x03 The I of the Storm when Winona spots him while on her secret little date with Raylan - the interpretation being that Gutterson’s also driven out to the middle of nowhere to meet someone in secret; on the downlow, away from Lexington and anyone that might see/know him.  Given the fact that he doesn’t sleep past 6:30am, I imagine his bedpartners to be brief and infrequent.  He also puts me in mind of one that doesn’t get/need much sleep leading up to that early morning bio-wake-up; possible nightmares/PTSD or just trained to little/light sleeping.

Gutterson is a character, supporting/minor role, that I absolutely love from start to finish and I want more of him. The same can also be said of US Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks, whom I adore on the show.  So I guess my real hope for S4 is expansion of focus.  Raylan is the star and axis of the show, but his work as a Marshal and, by extension, his co-workers at the field office could be given more focus or at least equal focus as his ties to Harlan County.  The show has done a great job with this cast, IMO, so I just want them to give us more.  I love Art, Rachel and Tim (Gutterson, not to be confused with Olyphant) and we get a good bit of Art in each episode, so I want more of the others.  Given the delay we had in the show being renewed for this fourth season, I think I’m not alone in wanting a broader focus of the storyline.