ep: 06

Christmas Morning

Dylan woke up startled by his phone vibrating under his body. He moved his arm slowly to grab it, trying not to wake his boyfriend. He looked at he screen with blurry eyes and read “The puppy is ready.” Thats when his vision came back full blast & he struggled to get off of Liam quietly, but was relived to see that he hadn’t woken the boy up. He walked over to closet & grabbed a hoodie & some sweatpants before heading over to shower to clean himself & brush his teeth. When the boy was finally done he realized that he had left his towel hanging behind the door and that he’d have to place his wet feet on the floor which he knew Liam hated. “Fuck, cold, cold” He mumbled under his breath hopping from tile to tile in order to reach his towel & dry himself. 

When he was done with preperations he got in his car and drove to the renedezvous where he picked up a very special present from one of his friends. One of his old friend’s dog had a giant litter & decided to sell them, so Dylan bought one for Liam because he knew how much he always wanted a small dog. It was cold out, so cold that it surprised Dylan. He had to place the puppy inside the hoodie pocket because he knew that the puppy would become sick if he hadn’t. 

On his drive back he couldn’t stop thinking about how happy Liam would be. “Hey, that tickles, haha” He told the puppy as it stuck then boys finger in his mouth and chewed at it with his gums. He hurried upstairs when he arrived back home & laid down slowly, taking the puppy out of his hoodie to place it on the bed. 

The puppy looked around shyly inspecting his new dads’ bed. When he spotted Liam sleeping he cocked his head to the side and skipped toward his face, licking his cheek softly when he reached it. “Aww” Dylan whispered almost dying of cuteness. Dylan was surprised by the fact that the puppy hadn’t woken Liam. Eventually the puppy got tired & yawned before cuddling into Liam’s arms to fall asleep. “Oh my god how cute” he whispered and the puppy opened his eyes getting up to lick at Liam’s cheek again.