Top 10 TV Episodes of 2013 by James Poniewozik, Time magazine

1. Breaking Bad, Ozymandias (5x14): “The title of this episode comes from the Shelley poem about the self-aggrandizing statue of an ancient king, fallen to ruin in a desert. In the greatest hour of one of TV’s greatest dramas, Walter White’s dreams shatter into the red dust around him, as the violent forces he unleashes cost him his family and most of the drug fortune he sold his soul to cook up. Five seasons of lies and near-misses built to this powerful moment, as Walt sees his dreams of a happy ending vanishing in the rear-view mirror. Look on this work, ye mighty TV creators, and despair.”

okay, ew…. dude, I totally understand your love of chips, as I have an equally large love of chips, but let them deep fry first, don’t deep fry your hands!

This is by far the most disturbing episode I’ve seen so far… It’s always the ones about the failings of humanity that make me sick. Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Once Upon A Time… 

Although, Castiel’s love of red meat is certainly making this episode kind of funny! this whole revalation about Sammie’s hunger for demon blood ain’t making me too happy.