5x05 / 5x15: “I think that Vince was so detail oriented that we all got trained to be very concerned about issues of continuity. That went through the entire crew. Everyone was always being as detail oriented as they possibly could be which sometimes lead to amazing creative ideas and creative breakthroughs. One idea that I thought was incredible and I haven’t heard anybody mention is that Jennifer Bryan, our costume designer, had the idea that in my episode Granite State that when we see Jesse he’s been imprisoned by Todd and the gang for so very long that he’s had to have a change of clothes. What he is wearing is actually the outfit that Todd wore when he shot Drew Sharpe earlier in Season 5. That was an incredible sort of Easter egg that Jennifer came up with and I think that’s the product of the fact that everyone was thinking so deeply about what we had done and trying to be so detail oriented.”
– from Masters in Motion: A Conversation With Peter Gould