4x03: Open House

Fun Factoid: Marius Stan, who plays Bogdan, Walt’s impressively-eyebrowed boss at the car wash, is a real life chemistry genius. He has a PhD in Chemistry, and is a Senior Computational Energy Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. Breaking Bad was his first foray into acting. He never intended to get on the show. His wife and kids wanted to be extras on a TV show, so he drove them to the casting event. While there, his photograph was taken as well, and Vince ended up picking him out for the role of Bogdan. (Source: Breaking Bad Insider podcast, Ep. 403).

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John LaRue’s Breaking Bad character color guide from this week and Betsy Brandt’s comment on Twitter today might breed life back into the discussion over the meaning of Marie’s yellow shirt, at least for the next 24 hours. I don’t think it’s all that unreasonable to interpret yellow as “caution” or “danger.” As you can see in 4x03, when Marie was stealing spoons, the incriminating evidence was hidden inside her yellow purse. And in 5x08, she wore yellow before Hank makes his massive Leaves of Grass discovery. 

But I thought I would resurrect this revelation from last year: The Meaning of Marie’s Yellow Shirt Revealed! (Vulture):

“I use yellow as a relief color for her, so it’s not purple, purple, purple all the time,” explained Breaking Bad costume designer Jennifer Bryan. “You’ll notice sometimes she wears a yellow tank underneath something. There’s no deep hidden meaning — not this time.” Marie’s shirt, in other words, was an un-purple herring, meaning nothing.

So sometimes a yellow shirt is just a yellow shirt.

4x03: Open House

Fun Factoids: In this episode, the scene where Jesse rides go-karts was inspired by Aaron Paul and some of the other cast and crew. One of Aaron’s favorite pastimes when not filming was heading to the go-kart tracks around ABQ. This scene was filmed at Albuquerque Indoor Karting.

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