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Mikael: Oh fuck. 

Yousef: Hey people. 

Elias: What’s up? Welcome back. Today it’s about violent police fails.

Yousef: Violent police?

Elias: Yeah, fails that the police do.

Elias and Yousef: Hold on tight. 

Adam: *reaction to video* Wtf, do your job. You’re playing piano in the middle of the street.

Mutasim: Just let him play. 

Elias: He’s american, he’s american.

Mikael: Watch now. 

Yousef: Are you serious? I didn’t see. 

Elias: He’s walking away. Look at what he’s wearing. He was shot instead. 

Adam: Everyone listen to what she’s saying. Shh.

Elias: Pause. This right here is racism. Perhaps it’s funny to laugh about videos like these. But it’s not funny when it happens to you. Police violence is a huge issue in today’s society. The way they abuse their power in order to suppress people like me is totally unacceptable. “Innvandrerstatistikk.no” says that 96 % of all police men and women are part of KKK.

Elias: Ey, shut up. We’re finished for today. 

Adam: Can’t your slave go get us some soda? 

Elias: Thank you for watching today.

Mutasim: Remember to subscribe. 

Elias: I hope you enjoyed the video. 

Adam: Thumbs up, subscribe.


Look at them.

In the first gif, when Terry raises his eyes to look at Mandy, we see how angry he looks at her. Like if he want to threaten her.

In the second gif, we see how worried she is when he looks at her, then she looks at Mickey for like 1 second (I don’t know if you can catch that, but I saw it making the gif), and then she looks down and the look on her face is really sad.

Remember that he’s the one who raped her and got her pregnant.

Can you even imagine how she feels living with that man?