4x01: Box Cutter

Fun Factoids: According to the Breaking Bad Insider podcast (Ep. 401), the Kenny Rogers outfits and the scene in Denny’s are a nod to Pulp Fiction. For an in-depth look at the visual parallels between Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction, check out this article on Cinematic Corner


Look at them.

In the first gif, when Terry raises his eyes to look at Mandy, we see how angry he looks at her. Like if he want to threaten her.

In the second gif, we see how worried she is when he looks at her, then she looks at Mickey for like 1 second (I don’t know if you can catch that, but I saw it making the gif), and then she looks down and the look on her face is really sad.

Remember that he’s the one who raped her and got her pregnant.

Can you even imagine how she feels living with that man?

4x01: Box Cutter

Observations: “Tuco is blinded by pride and ambition and obviously doesn’t like people speaking for him, as evidenced when he verbally lashed at Skinny Pete in 1.06. The way he bursts in rage and brutally beats No-doze to death right in front of Walt and Jesse in the final moment could be paralleled to a similar scene in “Box Cutter” where Gus slices Victor’s throat in the same fashion, after he finds him attempting to cook a batch on his own.”
– Aria Mohtadi, Breaking Bad Observations

5x01: Live Free or Die

Fun Factoid: In this episode, the crew used the same Denny’s from the Season 4 premiere, “Box Cutter,” where Walt and Jesse eat after Gus kills Victor. Vince says they paid Denny’s to use their restaurant and both times they made him an excellent Moons Over My Hammy sandwich.

Submitted by Team Breaking Bad