As you can plainly see JH and JK are both wearing caps. Then all of a sudden JK takes of his cap and where does it go?….oh, I know…with JH! She first holds it then decides to put it on top of her own hat!! 

It’s so cute! It’s the same idea of a girl wearing her boyfriend’s sweater!


Lol, Woo Bin and Jin Hyuk messed up and everyone laughs. And you can see that JH grabs JK’s arm…again.

And when JH was trying to pull one of the plungers, JK did not want her to hurt herself (cuz I think I saw from somewhere that her hand was injured) so he took her hand. These two are too much!! 


Amelda really couldn’t have chosen a more effective way to get to Kaiba emotionally than this. I love his surprised face when the kid asks him to play chess in the middle of a war zone though.

Also the explanation that Yuan/Aaron gives in the dub for what’s going on never made any sense to me. He says there that Gozaburo bought their land and then when the townspeople refused to leave he sent in tanks. Like… what the hell? Gozaburo was a business owner not a military dictator. Why on earth would he care about this town so much in the first place?

Okay, this is really adorable how Kaiba just sits down on that rock there in order to play chess with this illusionary kid that he’s only just met. I think he would probably still have done this even if the kid didn’t look so much like Mokuba. He didn’t have to agree to it, but he’s always had a soft spot for other orphans.

At the same time though his position looks hilariously awkward because he’s so tall. ^^;