GINMEME | 7 relationships; Yorozuya [3/7]

“A person’s life is like carrying a heavy burden while walking a long road”.  A long time ago, a guy named Tokugawa Nobuhide said that. When I first heard it, I thought it just sounded lame. But I guess you can’t dismiss what old people say. It wasn’t really a burden. It was something important you held with both hands. But you didn’t realize it was there when you held it. I only realized its true weight after it slipped from my hands. I don’t know how often I thought, “I’ll never carry this again”. But, all of a sudden, I’m feeling that weight again. If I threw it all away, it would be easier. But I don’t feel like it. It would be too boring to keep walking without them. 


bgm: can’t take my eyes off of you by frankie valli