ep10 was not what i expected but in a way it was also lovely

Some WttM thoughts

I still haven’t calmed down from the madness (lbr I never will) but I’m going to try to put some thoughts together. I’m sorry if this will be a mess but I try. 

I was there for the whole of it. Well, I wasn’t there when the videos were shown or the manga pages were translated, but I was there when denkimouse started tweeting about it and then I stayed up all night with my internet friends screaming about it here on tumblr (#ripmynotificatons2k17). I saw us all freaking out and I still am freaking out because HOLY SHIT YOI DID THAT. They actually did that.

As a fandom, it’s really normal and expected and amazing that we focus on a ship we all well, most of us love. The first leaked screenshots were understandably about Otabek ripping Yuri’s glove off jesus i still can’t believe he.did.that. and I know for a fact that that’s the most shocking thing about this whole WttM deal and that’s all I’ll talk about probably for the rest of my life (unless the movie outdoes it, which knowing the YOI creators…………I’m honestly shaking at the thought of what they might bring us).

I know we also saw it as a very sexual act and tbh there’s no denying it is (that is not to say that I think it’s canon that they have or will have sex pre or post exhibition skate, but I do believe that shoving your freaking finger in someone else’s mouth the way Yuri did is a really intimate act that you just don’t do with someone you’re just friends with -unless I’m the weird one and everyone else does that, which I’m pretty sure they don’t). 

So with a reminder that a ship being canon (which I fully believe Otayuri is as of today) doesn’t mean that the characters have had or are having sex (or kissing, or anything at all), I’d like to point out that watching the video of Yuri’s exhibition skate I’m also really, really happy that that part only takes up only mere seconds of Yuri’s skate.

Let me elaborate.

The whole point of WttM is for Yuri to fix his public image as a skater because he was sick and tired of being remembered as the prima ballerina who only skates to classical music (see the first scans of the manga that were leaked a few days ago, with newspaper headlines focusing on that), and most of all he didn’t want his free skate (that he isn’t fully satisfied with) to be what people talk about, and his tears to be the most shocking thing that happened on the ice (if you ask me, him breaking Victor’s world record is already pretty shocking and amazing, but I believe this is a case of Yuri being an unreliable narrator here -which most teens are). 

So I’m glad that Yuri, even with a serious case of crushing on Otabek Altin hard, didn’t linger with his fingers in Otabek’s mouth, didn’t change his choreography to make his skate more sexual than it already was, didn’t waste precious seconds of skating routine for the sake of a boy he’s crushing on. Even mere seconds of that were enough anyway, to shock the audience (both the skating fans within the anime and us YOI fans) and give people something to talk about other than his tears the previous day, and then he simply kept skating, with his heart pounding because holy shit I can’t believe I just did that, I actually felt the inside of Otabek’s mouth but it was just a second and now I’m here and I need to show them how good I am, with this choreography and this song that I made with my new best friend/crush

Yuri’s character has always been about his skating and with Otabek’s arrival in ep10 we started seeing that he can be about much more, and WttM definitely showed us even more of that, but it also showed us that Yuri didn’t change from one day to the other. He is still mostly about skating and shocking his audience (something very Victor-like), and I’m glad the creators didn’t sacrifice his character for the sake of fanservice.

Once again, the YOI staff did nothing wrong in my eyes and I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am.

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So what'd you think of episode 10 of Yuri on Ice?

WHAT’D I THINK OF YURI ON ICE EP10………. thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to rant my friend 🙏

i had really high expectations since i bought the 5th DVD (episode 9 & 10) and lemme tell you. This episode was a gift that kept giving……… so many things happened and i still can’t believe this anime is even real

We got victor doing the narration, giving us more indepth about him and the way he thinks (which showed us he’s very wise & sensitive), but also his view on yuri and how in freaking love he is. Like holy shit. “when yuri’s searching for an answer, his eyes sparkles, even when he’s not saying anything” ? can you imagine how mesmerized this man is with yuri?????

then we got yurio & otabek. I was sure i’d love otabek but this boy is a sweetheart and he’s perfect for yurio (i don’t know if “i want them to become the best bros in the universe” counts as shipping but thats how i feel). im so excited to see how it’s going to change yurio’s agape performance ..sparkly eyes..

The rings exchange. this scene was incredible on so many levels, it still doesn’t top the airport scene in my opinion because i cried like a baby when “i wish you’d never retire” happened BUT THEY’RE FUCKING ENGAGED NOW!!!!! THEy’rE…FIANCEES…. typing this makes me feel like im trapped in a fanfic but its real they’re fiancés now everytime i see the rings my heart is just filled with love and joy and emotions and i dont usually care a single bit about marriage BUT FOR SOME REASON THESE RINGS GOT ME ON THE FLOOR HYPERVENTILATING…..

aALSO…. i think we’ll never talk about that yurio & victor scene enough. i feel like there’s so much things left in the dark and i cant wait to have more context and to fully understand what exactly happened, why victor became so violent, why he was shaking (if not because he was trembling with rage), and that sentence :  “[…] yurio’s wouldn’t have been so motivated to fight…. and neither would i have” yurio’s is fighting for the GPF, but then what is victor fighting for? Probably fighting for yuri to have the gold medal, but i’m still not sure. I feel like it’s too evasive…….

AND LAAAAAAAASTLY. the ending. the god freaking ending that left me drooling on my keyboard. Kubo’s art, Yuri breakdancing and pole dancing, how swol yuri was, the instant where victor fell in fucking love….. i loved every bit of it and i want it playing in my funeral. For 10 episodes i felt like yuri on ice couldn’t get better and every episode i was proved wrong. Episode 10 didn’t prove me wrong, it reverse slam dunked me back to my senses like i was a naked baby understanding my mom didn’t actually steal my nose. It was incredible to understand victor has been in love with yuri for almost a year and that becoming his coach just made him want to spend the rest of his days with him. And i’ve been having a blast reading all the meta posts pointing out how a lot of things pre-episode10 changed after episode 10′s revelation. yuri’s actually the playboy in eros? victor’s face when yuri said his eros is katsudon? more like crush my skull into powder and throw it in the ocean

we still have 2 more episodes but yuri on ice has been killing me with the character developments, the narration, the plot-holes-less story, the little details scattered all over the episodes… from the bottom of my heart, i want to thank kubo, sayo and everyone working on yuri on ice for blessing us with this anime. I want them to be happy for the rest of their life and have a big , well deserved rest when it’ll end. (can someone wake me up when the sequel comes out please)

Bri Reviews Hit the Floor S3 Ep10 (The Finale)

Hit the Floor. Season 3. Episode 10 (The Finale)

Note: This review is typed scene by scene with name headings for easy reading.

Derek and Ahsha

These two. They looked adorable all cuddled up in bed reflecting on all that’s happened. Just hearing them talk about the past events really made me realize that they have been through A LOT. They’ve been through more than some couples that have been together for years. Cokegate, a break up, dealing with a murdering coat tail riding, thieving demon, and then losing a friend. All of this happened in a short amount of time and let’s be honest, everyone doesn’t survive all that hell. This proves that Dersha’s love is strong and love always wins in the end…as cliché as that sounds.

They can’t get enough of each other either. You spot that hand holding and caressing? I see you Dersha and… (nope I will keep it cute).  So cute! As I always say, it’s the little moments that I love the most. Sure, the sex scenes are amazing to see, but seeing them cuddled up and holding each other gets my shipper heart going. Especially after being drug through the fire with these two. So I cherish these moments with them because we know things never stay calm in the Devils world.

I also love the trust they’ve built with each other. Some guys would freak out if their girl touched their phone, let alone looked to see who was calling. I know guys who would throw their phones against a wall before their girl could touch it. Derek didn’t even seem phased which cracked me up. On the other hand, Ahsha was all like, “Who da hell is this bitch?” HAHA! She wanted him to answer that phone, badly. Ahsha doesn’t play when it comes to her chocolate drop. Mess with her man and she will cut you. I just find it hilarious! Then Derek played it smooth by asking her if she wanted to join him in the shower. Now we all know Ahsha ended up in that shower, right? Okay.

Terrence and Jelena

Terrence in that towel….GOOD GAWD! Why are the men on this show so good looking? Where do you find these type of men? On Mars? Anyway…

Jelena was looking worried and I figured this is when she would tell Terrence about her issue having children. I felt bad for them in this scene because Terrence really wants a baby. He was super excited about finding her birth control pills in the trash, thinking she was ready to be a mom. Welp, that wasn’t the case. When Jelena blurted out that she couldn’t have children, I wasn’t expecting Terrence to react the way he did. My reaction was the same one Jelena had? Dude, what the hell? Could you be a little more supportive? Then I thought about it. Can we really blame Terrence here? Jelena did say that she didn’t have time for kids in the last episode and we all know she loves to play games. It wouldn’t be hard to believe if Jelena played a trick just to get out of having children. Terrence knows how she is and that’s why he thought she was only saying she couldn’t have kids to get him off her back. This is the same woman who drugged him in order to keep him with the Devils. Jelena has a record. There is a major lesson here. Don’t do evil crap to the people you supposedly love because that will come back to bite you later on. Although Terrence forgave her for the drugging incident, he’ll never forget it. His guard has probably been up ever since they got back together. Trust issues much? I think so.

Oscar, Jude and Lionel

Awww, look at the happy family. Aren’t they cute? Ha! The fact that Lionel is stuck with Oscar still makes me laugh. Can you imagine going through that type of torture? It’s all her fault though. She thought she was being smart when in all actuality she was signing her ticket to hell. When Oscar kissed her cheek, I thought Lionel was going to throw up. I bet she burned a hole in her face scrubbing that kiss away.

Poor little Lionel Kincade. Her actions led to Oscar locking her up and keeping her under his control. Unlike Jude, she can’t escape. Someone should have told her that messing with Oscar was going to be the worst mistake she ever makes. You tried it, Lionel. I don’t feel sorry for you either.

Kyle and Ahsha

I’m assuming we’ll never see Me-Guel again since he’s with Jessie now. Unless Jessie screws up at some point. You know how much of a screw up he was in season 1. I pray he is a good dad and role model for Me-Guel. Yes, I meant to spell his name like that because that’s how his mother said it. HAHA! I will miss hearing Val say that name. Maybe I can get it as a ringtone? I’m joking.

I thought it was sweet that Kyle wants to keep her ring. Although they weren’t romantic partners, Kyle was a great friend to Raquel and really got her to open up. Same with Raquel. She was an amazing friend to Kyle who needed someone to balance her out.

This particular scene was released last week and the Dersha fam used it as another clue for what was to come. Kyle is Ahsha’s best friend and she’s also a friend to Derek. Why wouldn’t she be in on a major secret? Once Ahsha explained her weird morning with Derek and Kyle rubbed it off, I knew something was up. Even Ahsha was looking at her like, “Girl, how do you not find this suspicious?”

The email from Raquel….creepy. Obviously she scheduled it to go out later but I would be a little freaked out if I received an email from a dead person. What the hell?

Zero and Jude

Did anyone else imagine Jude shouting, “Honey, I’m home!” as he walked through the door in his suit?

Okay, I guess Zero’s sister isn’t Kyle or Mia like I predicted last week. I thought it was cute how excited he was about finding her and knowing she is doing well. That’s got to be a relief for him. Although they have been apart all this time, she’s still family and you always want the best for your family.

Zero knows the deal with evil ass Oscar. Even he was confused about Jude working for the devil. As much as Lionel can work my nerves, I like how Jude is willing to side with her and not wanting to leave her hanging when it comes to his father. This is the same man who told him he wasn’t his son. Why wouldn’t Jude want to see him self-destruct? Too bad that self-destruction comes at a high price that Jude was not expecting. Hmm. Scary.

Jelena and Terrence

Women stay busting up in the Devil players’ locker room. First Lionel and now Jelena. I expect Ahsha to make her appearance in there soon. Women must do this all the time because the players didn’t even seem phased by Jelena’s presence.

She had to be really pissed off to go collect the proof to throw it in Terrence’s face. I hate when people accuse me of lying so I see why she wanted to show him the proof. It had to burn her soul when Terrence was insensitive about her situation. I knew the drug test wasn’t going away even when he claimed her forgave her for it. Jelena could have ruined his career. Even after forgiveness, the trust wasn’t there due to how Jelena operates.

Did Terrence really say that they didn’t need trust because they had everything else? Did those words really form in his brain and then leave his mouth? Trust is the number one thing that keeps a relationship going. Without it, you have nothing at all. Who wants to be with someone that they don’t trust? Why would you want to be with a person that you have to constantly keep an extra eye on because they are a savage? Who? I’ll wait. No trust in a relationship is like trying to drive a car without tires. It just won’t go. TF Terrence. Collect your balls and reattach them, please. If he needs a how to instruction guide, I can find one for him.

Ahsha, Sloane and Pete

I love this family. Just think, it used to be Ahsha and Sloane. Now we have Ahsha, Sloane and Pete. Aww!

Ahsha was looking at Lionel like, “TF you doing here?”  Sloane was ready to give her the hands if she was coming to stir up drama. You know, I’m not surprised that Lionel gave Sloane a heads up. Yes, she is a spawn of the devil and her sister is Jelena, but Lionel isn’t about to go to jail for Oscar.

I lost it when Pete said he was calling the police. Um Pete, don’t you remember that these are the same police who kidnapped Sloane and then tried to set her up. Which police are you calling? When Sloane told Ahsha that Jelena was the cause of all of this Ahsha went into “Whoop that trick” mode. You don’t mess with her mama….or her man.

Ahsha and Jelena

Ahsha has finally had enough of Jelena’s mess. You can only push a person so much before they snap on you. Ahsha is a sweetie, but Jelena is knocking on the ass beating door and is about to get an answer soon.

Jelena’s condo security don’t even like her enough to protect her from getting her ass beat. What did she do to them? Wow, she’s burning every bridge possible.

Look at Miss Hayes letting Jelena know that she wasn’t playing around anymore. That was a tiny push but I was here for it. She should have sent her through the wall, honestly. Jelena has literally been out to get her ever since she stepped into the arena. I cannot believe that Jelena actually thinks Ahsha wants to be her. Ha! Sure, she looked up to you at one time but Ahsha has never wanted to be Jelena Howard, especially since she found out who she really was. You know who the envious one is in this situation? Jelena Howard. Jelena has burned so many people that she doesn’t have anyone to back her up. Ahsha on the other hand has many people on her team and she didn’t have to scheme to keep them around. Jelena has been threatened by Ahsha from the beginning so I really don’t understand why she thinks Ahsha wants to be her. From the beginning, Jelena knew that Ahsha would be a star and that pissed her off. If she didn’t see Ahsha as a threat, then why does she hate her? What’s the point?

Sloane and Oscar

Come through, TT! Sloane is a real thug and I love her for it. Oscar really is a coward. Notice how he never actually does his own work but has others do it for him. I’m glad Sloane called him out on it because it’s true.

I knew Jelena “fixing” this situation was for her own gain. Does she ever do something for others without a cost? I also knew that 10% would mean more later on…I wasn’t guessing by the end of the episode. Yikes!

Ahsha and Mandi

I’m convinced that the Dersha Fam is hidden away in the writing room because we gave Mandi a role before we even saw the episode. Mandi was never considered a groupie in our eyes. Aren’t we good?

I love to hear Ahsha says she’s Derek’s girlfriend. She lets the women know right up front that she is the leading lady and they better know their position. I love it! Mandi was clearly someone important and not there to be messy. If she were that type of person, she had the opportunity to spill the tea and have Ahsha looking stupid. But she didn’t. James LaRosa threw the Dersha fans off this week with a certain interview. We had guessed that a ‘very special moment’ was coming for our babies and he knew that. I see you, James. Even then, we knew Mandi wasn’t a groupie. In the back of our minds, we still hoped for that special moment. Mandi was the key. Ahsha was already pissed off about Jelena and Mandi was about to get read if she stayed any longer. Oh Ahsha.

Ahsha and Derek aka The Moment That Had Me Screaming at the TV aka The Moment I Received Life

*holds laughter* Ahsha was a mad woman in the beginning of this episode. The way she called Derek’s name should have been enough warning for him. She was coming to get him together about Miss Mandi wandering around the Roman residence. Did I tell you all how much I loved this scene? Ahsha wasted no time asking Derek who the hell Mandi was. I loved her spice in this scene. “I didn’t ask what you told me, I asked who she was.” Whew, Ahsha wasn’t having it at all. Then she side stepped him. Who cares if the announcer is calling your name? You’re going to answer this Mandi question.

Then we get the vulnerable side of Ahsha. She feels like she’s lost two people in her life (Fuck German) and she doesn’t want to lose her baby too. Awww!

Okay, let me get my feelings in order before I continue…..*grabs tissue box*

Mandi, you’ve become my new best friend. WE PREDICTED THIS MOMENT AND WE GOT IT! I don’t even know where to start with this moment. The entire scene was a thing of beauty. Derek Roman knows how to make a girl feel special. A lot of thought went into this proposal. First, he had to get the Devil Girls involved. Then he had to let whoever runs the music know what his plan was too. He put in work to make this moment really special for his lady. My question is…did Jelena know about this proposal? The bitter person she is would have let Ahsha know out of spite. Was she in on the tunnel the dancer’s formed as Derek ran to his queen? I bet she was off to the side pouting. Anyway, back to the beautiful proposal.

Ahsha’s reaction to Derek was priceless. She was full of joy and that made me happy for her. The girl has been through hell for the past few weeks. She deserved this moment more than anyone. To see her man getting down on one knee and presenting a huuuuuge rock had to make her feel like the only girl in the world. How sweet! Although Derek went all out (like we knew he would) and proposed in front of the world, he still made the moment very intimate. I honestly forgot about everyone else as he delivered this touching speech. Derek literally took it back to season 1 and his ‘pick me’ speech where he told Ahsha he could be the best mistake she ever made or change her life. Lordt. I can’t with this man. He makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Ahsha really did change Derek’s life for the better. She made him realize that he deserves to be loved and cherished when his mother didn’t give him that. I won’t even say that Ahsha changed Derek. Instead, Ahsha helped Derek find himself. From the beginning, I could tell Derek Roman had the makings of being a good man. He was using the groupies, fame and drugs as a defense mechanism. It was a big front that Ahsha saw right through and she fell in love with the real man behind the wall Derek had built. She’s a great girl and he’s a great man.

Awww, this moment ended me. To see my faves actually take that next step has put me on cloud 9 for the past two days. Ahsha didn’t even hesitate to say yes. Her reaction to the entire thing warmed my heart. You can tell she was shocked as hell but she was happy and ready to begin a new chapter with the love of her life. The proposal was PERFECT! I have re-watched this one scene way too many times to count. I couldn’t tell you how many at this point. Now I know they will be tested again next season. I will just swim around in my happy feels until the drama comes for the Dersha ship again. I know they’ll survive though. They are strong.

By the way Ahsha, Derek Roman is marrying the whole ship. You have no choice but to share. Sorry not sorry. #RomanSisterWives

Sidenote: How epic were those reactions to their engagement? From Sloane and Pete, to Kyle and add in bitter ass Jelena Howard. She’s just mad that Terrence proposed to her in the broom closet with a championship ring. He might as well have been in the broom closet since no saw them anyway. Jelena was salty enough to season an entire meal.

Sloane, Oscar and Jelena

By this time, Jelena is already seeing red. Oscar made her day with the 10% news though. Sloane doesn’t have to thank her for anything, Oscar. As always, Jelena had a trick up her sleeve.

Lionel and Pete

Another Dersha shipper brought this scene to my attention. (Hey Cee!) What was Pete’s line about Lionel always being his problem about? Um Pete, leave that woman in the past. Why do I feel like they will hook up again in the future? Pete…don’t do it. I won’t blame Sloane for cutting your behind out of the picture if you even think about touching Lionel again.

Zero and the TMZ guy aka James LaRosa

Our show creator made his first acting debut! Didn’t he look adorable? He did a good job too.

People are forever trying to get information out of Zero about his relationship with Jude. Zero is constantly putting them in their place about it too. When are you media people going to leave him alone about his relationship? It’s like talking to a brick wall. He’s giving you NOTHING.

Sorry TMZ.


For a minute there I thought Jelena was practicing her breakup speech. I’m glad Jelena realized that the damage she caused cannot be undone or fixed. If she knows this, why does she keep sabotaging her own happiness then? When will it stop? When she is all alone with no one in her corner? This is why I can’t feel sorry for her. You brought all of this on yourself.

Sloane, Pete, Derek and Ahsha (and Kyle)

How many times have we asked for a scene with all four of these people? I love seeing Ahsha and Derek have moments with Pete and Sloane. Yes, it was a short scene, but I still got my in-law feels and this time they are actually in-laws. *jumps for joy* Well obviously we have to make it to a wedding first but skip that, Dersha is already married in my head. Don’t argue with me on it either.

I loved Pete’s line about Ahsha’s rock being bigger than the one that took down the Titanic. Ha! Ahsha’s left arm is going to be bigger than the right one before long. That thing is HUGE! Pete and Sloane gushing over the engagement was really cute. I’m with Derek though. When is Pete going to put a rock on Sloane’s hand? You might as well make it official since you couldn’t get it right the first time around.

Now on to the news about what Raquel did for German. Raquel, I love you girl but why? Why would you go out like that? I get that she is a sweet person and all but I’m not here for this AT all. German killed Olivia and should be serving the time for it. I don’t care what kind of person he was before he pushed her over the balcony. Olivia will never have justice. She died in vain and no one will serve time for her murder. That’s pretty disgusting if you ask me. German should be rotting away in his cell.

Jelena and Oscar

I won’t call Jelena brave for what she did to Oscar. Brave isn’t the word to describe those type of guts (pun intended). Oscar was petty for the comment about the parking spot. Haha!

Is Jelena crazy (hell yes she is!) for pulling the hood over Oscar’s head? She may have won the battle but the war is still on. Oscar had a girl killed. I’m sure he has no problem doing it again. People are stupid for thinking he is going to lay down while they step all over him. Jelena just pissed off the wrong man. You thought he was hell on wheels before, he’s going to be hell on 18 wheels now. Jelena is going to wish that he was still in prison.

I’m actually here for Oscar in this sense because Jelena needs to learn a lesson. You don’t burn bridges without paying the price.

German and Ahsha

Why is this man a free man again? *rolls eyes* Just when I thought he would stay in prison, he is released. That really burns me up. Just think…German will never be able to be tried for Olivia’s murder again. Ever. No one will serve time for her death. That’s sad. German may be a free man physically but mentally and emotionally he is not. He thought Olivia’s death was messing with him before, his mind is going to eat him alive. I hope the nightmares continue.

German really plays the mind game card well. Who else did he think put that big rock on Ahsha’s finger? Come on now, Vega! His entire speech about Ahsha changing had my blood boiling. No, Ahsha hasn’t changed one bit. It’s called growth, German. Maybe you should try to find some because it appears to me that you’re still the same screwed up person you were before being locked away. I hated how he tried to make Ahsha feel guilty for being engaged to Derek. Bringing up that $5,000 bracelet and comparing it to her engagement ring was a low blow. No he didn’t go there. He only purchased that bracelet to compete with Derek Roman. It wasn’t because he loved Ahsha and wanted to give her a gift to show his love. It was all about stroking his ego. Derek’s ring was out of pure love and wanting to express it. That ring symbolizes the kingdom that Derek wants to build with Ahsha. That funky bracelet meant nothing. There’s no comparison and German needs to stop trying to make her feel bad for another man loving her. Then for him to pretty much tear her down and act like she isn’t strong enough to handle the Devils world. Um sir, you were the one who got sucked into the world and let it ruin you. Please don’t go there. I’m glad Ahsha shrugged off his petty speech. German needs to move to the Sun and find his life there. Bastard.

Zero and Jude

Look at all the couples having their moments….well minus Telena. Sorry Telena fans.

I couldn’t imagine how Zero feels about not contacting his sister. I can see why he doesn’t want to though. If her life is going well, why would he want to ruin it by making her relive the past? It was sweet of him to think about that and leave the situation alone. Just because he didn’t contact her doesn’t mean that she won’t come looking for him. I still think she will make an appearance at some point.

Zero considers Jude his family. Okay, how cute. Look at you Zero. He’s growing up.

Pete and Lionel (the phone call)

When I saw the preview for this episode I thought Lionel was playing games. Now I see that she was really afraid. We’ve never seen her in that light. Oscar must have been going insane for her to be hiding out in the garage. If you think about it, she plays a major role in him losing the team. If she wasn’t meddling around and teaming up with Jelena in the first place, this wouldn’t be happening.

Now Pete has to revert back to his Superman days to save the day. *face palm*

Derek and Ahsha

Derek is on cloud 9. You notice how he couldn’t help but smile when he seen Ahsha walking in with his ring on her finger? Imagine how he will look when she’s carrying his babies? Let’s save that for the future though. *looks at the writers* I still see a pregnancy scare coming soon. That I’m okay with for now. But no babies yet! There is still fun to be had *in my Derek Roman voice*.

Ahsha has grown a lot in these last few episodes. Derek allows her to grow and be herself around him. German on the other hand wanted her to be on his level. When he’s down, she must be down with him. It doesn’t work that way with Derek which is why these two are endgame. Ahsha clearly loves where she is in life and let it be known. She also let Derek know that she is ready to be Mrs. Roman VERY soon. Okay girl. I guess you said forget a big wedding and having your friends and family in attendance. Screw all that, huh? HAHA! Even Derek was shocked. Mrs. Derek Roman. That has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Terrence and Jelena

This scene was intense. That’s probably an understatement.

This moment was literally building up since season 1. Jelena has always been a schemer while Terrence is the wholesome man who doesn’t seem to fit with such an evil person. I had a feeling that Jelena was going to find a way to rip his heart out and stomp on it again. When he didn’t see his name on those papers I knew it would flip his lid. They went into this deal together and she played him to the left. Jelena pretty much stomped on Terrence’s manhood. What she did was foul. I don’t blame him for being hurt and taking back that ring.

Now Jelena has no one in her corner but her mother. That’s it. Everyone in the arena hates her and the man she loved is no longer on her side either. She knew she messed up when she almost broke down walking up the arena steps. She may have the power she always wanted but this is the beginning of her downfall. Her greatest fear was being alone and she is living that nightmare as we speak. I didn’t shed a single tear for her. This is ALL Jelena’s fault. Oh well.

Lionel and Pete

Dammit Lionel. This wasn’t her best plan at all. I get what she was trying to pull but girl, it didn’t work and now you both are trapped. They better get in that car and ram that garage door. My greatest fear is being trapped. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack just watching this scene.

Zero, Jelena and Jude

Jelena traded Zero. Wow. I knew she was going to find a way to get Zero back. I could have kicked Zero’s butt for even having the words, “Trade Derek” in his mouth, but I am here for him getting back at Jelena. This woman has pissed off every person that holds a position in the Devils organization. I need for Zero to team up with all the others and take this girl out with the trash. She is reminding me of Lionel when she had the big chair. Like Lionel, Jelena has no one in her corner (minus one person) and that big chair is what she is leaning on at the moment. She’ll probably be making rash and stupid decisions and find a way to sabotage herself. Zero and all the other people who have been burned by her need to put their differences aside and fight against her. Seriously. I’m team everybody against the devil called Jelena Howard. Team up people.

Jelena and Sloane

I don’t care about any human side we saw of Jelena this season anymore. All I see now is a power hungry, insecure little girl trying to make others miserable. I can’t be here for that by any means. I wanted Sloane to call me up so I could handle Jelena for her. Sloane is Mama Bear and she doesn’t play when it comes to her daughter. Jelena can try to bring Ahsha down next season but I guarantee that Sloane and Derek will put up a fight. I know the drama is coming next season. Jelena as owner says enough.

Terrence and Ahsha

After three seasons these two characters have a scene together and they actually talk. I’ve been waiting on this moment.

By now, Terrence is seething and he should be. He wants off the team to get far away from his demon spawn of an ex. I’m glad Terrence was there to warn Ahsha about what was going on with Jelena. Clearly, she didn’t get the news. I look forward to Terrence teaming up with Derek and Ahsha next season and fighting against Jelena. I really don’t think he’s going anywhere. Especially if he did the dirty deed *smirks*.

“Guard your man.” Yes, Ahsha guard your boo because Jelena is coming after everything you have. And who wanted to be like who again? Hmm.


He looked so worried. I don’t think Ahsha was standing him up at all. Remember she got side tracked by Terrence and probably by something else going on in the arena…we’re getting to that next.


Hit the Floor finales always go out with a bang and this one did too…. literally. I need to know why Jelena decided to find out where the noise was coming from. Has she ever watched horror films and found out why you shouldn’t go looking for the danger? Black people are the first to die in these situations. I guess Jelena didn’t get the memo.

Who shot Jelena? The last people that were seen in the arena are: Terrence, Ahsha, Jude, Zero and Sloane. She happened to piss all of these people off and each of them would have a motive for killing her. My first guesses were Oscar or Terrence. Oscar was going nuts earlier and could have snapped. Terrence had his heart ripped out and was pretty livid the last time we saw him. Ahsha and Sloane also have their reasons. She can’t seem to get off their backs and Ahsha must protect herself and her man. Zero has been burned by Jelena twice and now she has put a dent in his plan with Jude. Jude could possibly lose Zero due to Jelena’s antics. Those are also reasons to try to take her out. The more I think about it, the more I think that the shooter is none of these people. Last time we had a who dun it plot, the killer was a person not even in the equation. Maybe that’s the case this time around too. I would even add the fake baby mama to the mix. She’s not a main character or someone we care about but she has a motive. Jelena also got to her and Renee didn’t look too happy about it either. The writers of Hit the Floor love to distract the fans and pull a whammy from their back pocket. Watch the shooter be someone not in the circle.

I can’t believe the season is over already. Now what? Season 4 needs to happen because there are so many possibilities and storylines. This show is amazing and deserves a fourth season… and more. Thank you to everyone who made this season possible. James LaRosa, you’re incredible and thank you so much for sharing your dream with us. To the writers, thank you for giving the characters stories and so much life. To the cast, you all should be proud and thank you for bringing the characters to life. To everyone else involved behind the scenes, thank you! To @vh1, thank you for bringing us this show every Monday.

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my reviews every week. This was something new for me and I look forward to doing it for another season.

anonymous asked:

What's your view on Haru going pro and do you think he will? I personally still don't want him too because then there was no point to episode 9 (which I think was done brilliantly). I also don't want Rin or Sousuke (and hopefully Kyoani won't use Makoto) to guilt or prod Haru into going pro and Kyoani uses them to make Haru go "I see the light now, I will go pro"

… Oh hell, this question lol.

Were you around last year when the idea of Olympic!Haruka was first tossed around, and originally it was (as it should have been) a discussion of Haruka’s personality and suitability vis-à-vis the demands and rigours of an Olympic lifestyle… but then soon degenerated, as usual, into a ship war rife with logical fallacies due to the fandom’s tendency to think using the characters’ dicks?

The abovementioned event was prompted by a magazine article, not even official, with one of those pathway-maps where answering Y/N to a question would eventually lead you to a character. One of those questions was Olympic-related, and a Y to that takes you down the path to Haruka or Rin.

I was around for the first parts of the discussion as one of the early dissenters of pro Haruka, and checked myself the hell out as soon as it became clear that fandom was drawing a false and damaging correlation as follows:

Haruka going down the pro/Olympic route = Rin = Victory for the HaruRin

Haruka not going pro/not picking the Olympic route = Makoto = Victory for the HaruMako

I don’t have polite or coherent words to describe my level of fury and contempt at that ridiculous… categorisation of Haruka’s future and choices, and so let it be known that it is firmly my view that ships have no place in such a discussion.

With that established, let’s talk about this issue.

Here I shall link you to the opinion held by me as at November last year, way before season 2, regarding Olympic!Haruka (the link goes to Rosie’s page instead of mine because her theme shows a clear timestamp). Note my complete aversion to the idea of pro Haruka and my position that such a lifestyle is not for him.

Has my opinion changed since then, especially in light of season 2?

Yes, and no.

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Reaction to Yuri on Ice Ep10

Can I just say WOW!

One thing that I really appreciate about this episode was how we got to see things in Victor’s perspective. For the past 9 episodes it was all in Yuri’s point of view but this episode showed us a glimpse on how Victor sees his time with Yuri, as his coach. 

I never thought they would go that far in the episode! I thought it would just be a casual episode where they go sightseeing or practice but NO! Yuri and Victor wen shopping and Yuri bought such a beautiful gift!

When Victor was introducing the different competitors for the gran prix the way he introduced Yuri was so cute! I would understand Yuri though since he isn’t use to the time difference any more after going back home to Japan. 

I loved how even if Victor was freezing he jumped straight for Yuri and threw away his towel. The fact Chris followed as well was so funny especially with his facial expression. Poor Yuri though he wasn’t prepared for them jump on him. 

Yuri just turned into a rebel and it was such a surprise to Victor. It was nice to see that Yuri wasn’t as nervous as he usually is when he has competitions. It was also nice to see a different side to Yuri beside his nervousness at least he wants to take the time and opportunity he has to go explore Barcelona.

I love the smile on Yuri and Victor’s ace when he agreed to take him sightseeing. Yuri’s eyes were practically sparkling with so much joy. I also like how Victor specifically went with Victor if he could have went with Pitchit earlier, I’m pretty sure Pitchit wouldn’t mind but he chose Victor in the end! 

Their pictures are couple travel goals! They are so cute in their pictures, I wonder who is taking them. Their practically a couple already and could this be their couple honeymoon or just some expensive date? 

First things first Yurio’s fans are so desperate! I swear they were cute at first then they kinda became a bit stalker-ish. When Otobak showed up to save him was something I didn’t expect and Yurio accepted was so not like him! It was nice that Yurio is able to met someone from his past and when they were taking he seemed a bit more peaceful and there was no anger in his voice. 

This was nice because I think both of them have an aura to them that makes people not want to get to know them but the two of them seem to click on way or another. I thought the ship would be JJ X Yurio but put that aside because there is now Yurio X Otabek! Maybe even a three way love triangle between the three of them! 

Yuri looked so innocent when they were walking together through the bazaar. Just like what Victor has noticed Yuri’s eyes were sparkling the whole time. Its those little things Victor notices about Yuri just shows how much time they spend with each other (The fact his eyes sparkles when he is looking for answers and when Yuri doesn’t land a jump because he has things on his mind). 

Yuri’s proposal

First of they did this in a Church with a choir! Secondly I like how they were sort of at the back of everything, so no one would bother them. Thirdly Yuri looked so nervous when he was putting the ring on Victor’s finger. I was worried for Yuri because Victor had a poker face on and it looked hard to read his emotions but I think even he was as shocked with the ring Yuri placed on his finger. Lastly I like how Yuri wanted Victor to tell him something for good luck and it really took Victor back, its like he isn’t used to wishing him luck.  

Victor’s proposal

First of Victor was so taken back about this but when it was his turn his eyes held so much emotion. You can feel the love he has for Yuri just through the way his eyes were showing his emotions. Secondly the blush Yuri has on his face was so him and so cute. Lastly when the two of them just looked at each other it was like they were in their own world and nothing else mattered

It was so cute on how Chris noticed their rings. He didn’t make it to be such a major thing, he just played it cool. Pitchit’s reaction for me was the cutest because the way he so shock at first would be describe how I felt when I saw Yuri put the ring on Victor’s finger and vice versa. 

When everyone finally realized they had rings they all had different reactions. Yurio as expected has a scowl on his face, Otobak was kind enough to clap for them even if he doesn’t like to socialize while Chris’ reaction looked like he sort of expected it and he wasn’t surprise that their engaged. I feel like Pichit represents all the fans out there who are rejoicing that their ship is finally canon! 

The next day after the engagement Victor decides to leave his sleeping beauty behind.  There wasn’t any speaking when Victor was looking at his ring. There was no emotion on his face either. It was kind of hard to see what was going through Victor’s mind at this point. I wanted to know if he felt like it wasn’t the right time or did they rush into it or maybe their just fooling themselves but I doubt it would be this one though. 

This was a whole different side of Victor! It was like he was angry at the same time he seemed cocky. The way he talked to Yurio was different from how he talked to him in the earlier episodes. It was like he was a bit angrier at him or he may even be pissed at Yurio but he didn’t let it take over him. 

I don’t know if Yurio is mad or jealous over the ring but I wouldn’t expect more from the way he reacted about the ring. It can also be that he is putting up a wall and he is actually happy for them deep down.

<This is what I think each contestant might be thinking about >

JJ- I’m the King, I’m going to win this 

Chris- Let me show you the true Eros 

Otobak- Can I just get this over with?

Pitchit- I’m going to take home the prize 

Yuri- That pig is going down 

Yuri- I will get that gold 

Over all this episode was really nice. I can’t wait for last 2 or 3 episodes especially if Yuri gets the gold medal. I hope they will have a wedding! They better have a wedding or something romantic!! 

I think this is one of the best representations on how people feel about this episode especially the fact VICTURI IS CANON!

Before I forget