just a couple of old guys killing time

“But like… Can I speak frankly? I-I-I… You’re my family, Taako. Can-Can I speak frankly?”


“I can’t believe that’s what you’re worried about right now.”

“Listen, I’m-I’m just trying to get by, man. Thanks for the shade, I guess. This is pretty great. Thanks.”

“I don’t mean, I don’t mean to-”

“Uh huh”

“-I’m struggling with it too and I don’t how… I don’t know how you shut yourself off from that.”

“We- I mean, I-I’m sorry but I’ve been living a hundred years with me and one year with… millions of people, i-it .. interchangeable. I-I-I guess I just got to a point where… I was the one that I could focus on because everybody else that I ever met, aside from the six of you, were dust. They were just talking dust. Okay? So I started worrying a lot more about me because what was the fuckin’ point.”

griffin and rachel's first date
rose buddies- ep. 66
griffin and rachel's first date

uhhhm…but yeah should we talk about our first date? …ye- yeah there’s just not a lot a lot happened we went to a…a fairly nice restaurant here that was known for their nice desserts yeah and then I had to..get gas on the way there and I spilled gasoline like pretty much all over my pants?? and i stank sooo bad *laughing* yeah the smell was pretty intense was very overpowering. and then we were gonna go to barton springs, right? were we? and then it got-we got rained out? we got rained out..yeah…and I don’t remember what we did I think we went to Grace and Bristol’s pool. and swam in that instead…..oh yeah! Yeah it’s ver..very romantic. and then um..you knOW HAHA H A…YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT A H AHAHAHAHA LITTLE BIT O THAT *grunt from home improvement* AND A SOME O THAT boINGUGUGGGUUH and a little bit o that OOOooohhNOOOooo and a little bit o that *gets real close to the mic and makes mouth sounds* and a little- a wHOLE BUNCH O THAT..C O W A B U N G A DUDE!! and some of that *borat voice* uh mY WiFE…and some of that *deep breath* MUH SWAMP *breaks out into laughter* and some o that- okay..okay please stop..I was gonna *laughing* i  was gonna sit in silence until you stopped….uh but you really got me with my swamp

  • Lucretia: NEVER trust a Red Robe. They are beings of pure, concentrated evil and you're not ready to face them
  • Barry Bluejeans, the only Red Robe and biggest dork in the multiverse: what

Well I don’t have my computer but there’s no way I couldn’t draw something for the new taz episode
It was so…. tired. And quiet and grieving. It’s like- there were jokes but no one was laughing kind of sad. And it was so so good. I loved it and hated it altogether. Because I don’t want this great family to get hurt, but plot-wise? It was amazing and full of dread and a creeping horror that kept me awake at night, basically like shaking. I wanna write a story that strong someday. And seeing everything come together? It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing. This is a long post, so I’m sorry about that, but I’m on mobile and can’t add a read more. But this was an awesome episode and it’s gonna be an awesome finale so let me just say:

This is it!!!!!!