ugh but now im super emotional cause like. don’t think for a SECOND that lup didn’t know how terrified taako was at the prospect of losing her and that stupid dab was so much more than her just being silly it was to let taako know that she was still herself and everything was okay and ugh i hate this podcast so much it makes me emotional over characters with names like taako and bluejeans and burnsides doing things like carving ducks and dabbing

taz ep 65: accusations and their possible meanings

this is a list of the accusations from ep 65 and my interpretation of what they reference

  • they willingly tear out their souls” (lup and barry becoming liches)
  • they shatter the very will of god” (possibly the ipre squad returning to life every cycle in the starblaster even if they die, therefore evading death)
  • who are they to take the fate of the world into their hands?
  • they’ll burn the world down around them
  • we must find the seventh harbinger” (lucretia being separated from the group during the trial cycle)
  • there will be a necessary betrayal” (lucretia erasing the memories of the ipre squad and forming the bureau of balance)
  • they abandon their family” (merle abandoning his family and children)
  • they run away from the town they killed” (taako running away after the glamour springs incident)
  • they run away from town they let die” (magnus being unable to save raven’s roost)
  • they kill so many goblins. such brutality, for what?” (thb not caring very much about collateral damage in here there be gerblins)
  • they are a moment too late. the town will be engulfed” (thb being too late to save phandalin)
  • they killed him in the street, threw his body off a cliff, torn apart by dogs” (thb killing barbara from the hammerhead gang in petals to the metal)
  • they take time from their rescue to steal from the bank” (thb stealing from the goldcliff trust in petals to the metal)
  • they assault the guardian of clay. they know they’ll forget.” (thb attacking or messing with roswell, knowing that their actions will be erased with the next loop in the eleventh hour)
  • so much cruelty toward the child who loves them” (thb bullying angus mcdonald)
  • he took the guards with them, left them with the monster” (magnus kidnapping the two guards, then leaving them at the start of the suffering game)
  • a terrible choice. it is not theirs to make. it is nobody’s to make.
Best parts of TAZ Ep.65
  • “You are my heart, Taako”
  • “That was the dankest nap I ever took”
  • Lucretia and Merle hanging out and writing Merle’s lil autobiography I love their friendship so much
  • Davenport jumping on Lup’s back and whispering “Illusions” which I’m 100% convinced he got from Magnus running around jumping out and yelling “MAGNUS”
  • The statues listing off the IPRE’s future sins
  • Magnus finally fucking realizing he’s no good to anyone if he’s dead
  • Taako still supporting his sister even if he’s scared to death for her and having to pretend that he isn’t terrified
  • “This is when she became Madame Director”
  • Magnus naming the Voidfish “Fisher”
  • Voidfish hungers for the books, Magnus

Sometimes Liam has to reach over and touch Travis because things get too much and I relate 100%: Part 1
[Part 2]

Lucretia & Fisher

Lucretia felt like she hadn’t slept since the crash. She was always, always running, or hiding, or stealing, or rushing. No matter where she went, the defense ministry soldiers always found her. She didn’t know if they were following her, if they kept spotting her, or if they just knew. Those damn statues, she was sure they were tracking her somehow. Residents of local villages said they had “divine providence,” whatever that meant. Maybe they were omniscient and she didn’t stand a chance.

Her chronicling - her journaling - was the only thing that kept her going, sometimes literally. Whenever the ship stalled out, she landed and wrote until it started working again. It was a testament to her level of stress that it took her several weeks to realize it “refueled” when she wrote about her friends; that is, when she focused on her bonds.

When she realized that, she also discovered she could write on other subjects so long as she focused on how they affected the crew, her family. She started to write the events of each day, trying to find a pattern in how she was being found, while always keeping in mind why she was running, who she was protecting.

It was months until she made a breakthrough, completely by accident. One evening, she had just finished writing when Magnus’ pet floated over. Lucretia had bonded with Fisher over their time alone, as much as a woman living in constant terror can bond with a semi-sentient levitating cnidaria. He always turned up when she was writing, often still dripping with water from the tank she had repaired. She typically patted him on the head and told him a story. He seemed to like that, and it must have relaxed her since her memories of those times were always a little hazy.

That night was different, though. Fisher flashed unhappily when she started her story, and he shied away from her hand.
“What is wrong with you? What do you -”
Faster than Lucretia realized he could move, he ripped a page out of her journal with one tendril, and a moment later it was floating in his jellycap.

Several feelings rapidly flashed across Lucretia’s mind. Surprise, anger. Distress as she realized she’d forgotten what the page said. Sheer terror at the idea that Fisher would broadcast the information to the entire plane and she would be found immediately.

And then, relief. She couldn’t remember what she’d written, but she deduced that it was what had happened that day, and… She couldn’t remember that, either. But that meant he hadn’t broadcasted it, and that was okay.

The next day was surprisingly easy. She typically spent the morning repairing the ship and using divination to scout for resources, for soldiers, and for some sign of her crew, some sign of whether they’d even survived. She always flew the ship away as soon as she detected enemy movement, but that day… they didn’t find her. She kept waiting, but the soldiers never showed up. She was able to make some repairs she had been unable to make time for, and for the first time in months, she was able to leave when she wanted to instead of when she had to.

When she lifted off to look for supplies, she was found almost immediately. Defense ministry soldiers chased her for a full day, coming from all directions. Their swarming ships filled her mind with an image of a dark shadow spewing endless waves of warriors, and for a moment all she could imagine was her own death.

The instant she stopped thinking about the crew, the Starblaster started to flag and sink. She couldn’t banish the thought of being swallowed by the Hunger as the ship began to fall out of the sky.

Lucretia crashed again. The ships closed around her. The small statues on their bows intoned orders: dead or alive. She sobbed in the wreckage.

As the defense ministry vessels landed and the soldiers filed out, weapons pointed at her, Fisher floated into her vision. He was flashing colors rapidly, trying to get her attention. With his tendrils, he shoved a pen at her and held up her journal, open to a blank page.

She was panicking, short of breath, consumed with terror, but she grabbed the pen and wrote the first thing in her mind:
“They’ve found me and they’re going to kill me.”

In an instant the page was dissolving in his jellycap, and

What had she been worrying about?
Lucretia looked around at the men nearby. They all looked like they’d forgotten why they were in the kitchen. She knew they were defense ministry soldiers and that they had been looking for her, but… She couldn’t think of the next step.

As the soldiers got back in their ship and flew away, Fisher floated excitedly under her hand and she patted him absentmindedly. Her mind was whirring, drawing circles around the areas she couldn’t remember, deducing what had happened.

She was still on the run, she still had to fight, but now she had an advantage.

And for the first time since the crash, Lucretia slept deeply.