Oh… It was too funny to watch episodes with Park Choongjae :D He’s the cutiest maknae in the world~ and very beautiful~~~
He had many images and did many activities and it was really cool I couldn’t stop laughting XD

I want to share smth videos with you don’t repeat my mistakes and don’t watch ALL episodes ALL NIGHTLONG XD There are links for different performances with JJ and some episodes which were very interesting for me (I don’t know Korean and watching without subs, but it was very interesting!)

Let’s enjoy it~ ^^ 

Performances and smth strange videos x):

  1. Aerobics (ep 129)
  2. Acrobatic #1 (ep 132) from 19:30
  3. Acrobatic #2 (ep 136)
  4. Jeyong HyungDon feat JunJin (ep 136)
  5. song ‘Timeless’ (ep 136)
  6. JunJin’s Dance 'Dangerous’ (ep 136)
  7. Parody on Big Bang’s 'Haru Haru’ (ep 137)
  8. Mo’ Better Blues #1 (ep 137)
  9. Mo’ Better Blues #2 (ep 137) from 3:25
  10. SNSD’s 'Gee’ parody (ep 144)
  11. JunJin & Lee JungHyun XDXDXD (ep 161)
  12. BEG’s 'Abracadabra’ parody (ep 174) from 5:10

My fav parts of episodes:

  1. Pirates (ep 115)
  2. JunJin’s home :D (ep 116)
  3. JunJin breaks chopsticks by his…~ (ep 117)
  4. You can see pretty girl Choongjae~~~ (ep 124)
  5. JunJin’s performance with his fanboy HongChul (ep 127)
  6. and here Jinnie eats like a child ^^ (ep 127)
  7. oh… strong man Choongjae ** (ep 127)
  8. SNSD parody making #1 & #2 (ep 142)
  9. WHITE SWAN JUNJIN I cried XD (ep 148)


Part 2-2. Requested gifset by codenameboice, who asked me to post my favorite guest-pairings. Lee Kwang Soo - Lee Seung Gi pairing in Episode 174. IMO, they carried the episode and outshined the other 2 guests. They were so funny, comfortable and adorably ridiculous together. And they happened to win at the end too! LOL. I hope Seung Gi will be paired with Kwang Soo again XD (more fav pairing/guests gifs coming)

Running Man Ep. 174