Wild isn’t about Tronnor

Wild isn’t about Troyler

Wild is about Troye and only Troye.

Wild is an ep that Troye has worked so hard on for the past year so stop making it about your OTP. We should all just shut up and support Troye. It’s sad how we get a new snippet and everyone freaks out thinking that it’s about Connor/Tyler. It’s okay to get excited, I do too. But don’t excited about it having anything to do with troyler or tronnor.

We should just support Troye, and that’s all. Don’t assume things about something you know nothing about.

And now for an updated list

Here’s what we now know about Kevin:

• He used to be (arguably very much) like Cecil

• Kevin and presumably Desert Bluffs fought to push StrexCorp out

• We know they lost and StrexCorp changed Kevin (and everything else in Desert Bluffs)

• The Post-Strex Kevin, the Kevin we the listeners know, is currently in the Other Desert. We know he is pretending that he is in Desert Bluffs

• Pre-Strex Kevin liked cats

• Post-Strex Kevin seems afraid or disgusted by cats

• Post-Stex-current Kevin was saddened by Carlos’ leave (and he may or may not still sad about it)

• Pre-Strex Kevin thinks scientists are “the worst” and up until being tossed through the Old Oak Door, Post-Strex Kevin saw the scientists as “ugly” (especially Carlos).

What we don’t know about Kevin:

• Why does he distrust scientists? Is StrexCorp a reason behind this?

• Why hasn’t the current Kevin tried to go home? You’d think he’d be wanting to leave the Dog Park and go back to the town & job he loves more than anything. He knows it’s possible to come & go whenever he wants because he has seen Carlos & Cecil do this.

• Could the current Kevin be starting to remember his past self now that he has been away from Strex’s influences for over a year?!

• Notice how Carlos still doesn’t have a confirmed DB counterpart, assuming he ever had one?

• If Carlos had/has a DB counterpart could they be the reason why Pre-Strex Kevin distrusts scientists and why the current Kevin seemed to be developing feelings for Carlos?

This has been: An Updated List




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