BTS ASC Masterpost

So I collected all the links for a friend and decided I would post them on here while I’m at it. I’ve include all the ASC episodes as well as Aftershows with any of the boys.

Episodes with all the boys.

Ep 24 “N.O. & We Are Bulletproof”

Ep 46 “Boy In Luv”

Ep 95 “Danger”

Ep 158 “I Need U”

Aftershow episodes.

Ep 56 Aftershow (Rap Monster & Jimin)

Ep 63: Aftershow (Rap Monster)

Ep 64 Aftershow (Rap Monster)

Ep 68 Aftershow (Rap Monster, Jimin & Jungkook)

Ep 70 Aftershow (Rap Monster, Jimin & Jungkook)

If any of you haven’t hear of After School Club or ASC; it’s a variety show in Korea that is done in English and allows BTS (and many other groups) to Google Hangout and interact with international fans.