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Can I see a link to the writers confirming rick as mentally ill? (It's obvious to me that he is but I just love seeing canon confirmation)

I don’t have enough time to compile a list of every time they’ve talked about it but, in the pilot commentary Dan describes Rick and Morty as “an accurate personification of bipolar disorder” to which Justin agrees. (sidenote; Justin talks more seriously about his manic-depression in Harmontown ep 143)

And here are quotes from this interviewDan Harmon: I don’t want to offend anybody that is afflicted with anything because they have to go through serious things and they don’t want to read about writers saying, “Oh, I know what you”re going through” or “I understand you.” But it is just like the embodiment of bipolar energy. In every sense of that word it’s just Justin and he found these pistons in his crazy brain. It’s just a gruff voice saying, “You’ve got to do this. You’ve got to do that. You’ve got to do this. You’ve got to do that.” Repeating it over and over again. And the other voice, “Geez, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I can’t do that.” And it’s Justin – that’s what an engine is. It’s just what a battery is. It’s bipolar. It’s one metal in your brain wanting desperately to get to the other to complete it. But them being so different that they’re causing this havoc to every synapse in between.


Dan Harmon: Rick is an amazing character to me because he has diagnosable qualities of various mental illnesses but unlike a character on “Parenthood” or “Community,” he’s a cartoon character and a scientist who has seen 30 years of an infinite universe with infinite alternate universes arranged around him in a multi-spherical wave front. So if Rick does or says something that indicates that he doesn’t care about you as a human being, is he expressing a flaw in his brain or is he more evolved than us? Or is it both? And does experiencing the world on a chaotically large scale make you crazy or can only crazy people experience the world on that scale? In either case, what’s the difference?