Restaurant Wars !

can we talk about the amazing human being that is kim taehyung please? this episode of bon voyage really showed his bright, optimistic personality. he had to travel alone again and then got lost in the middle of nowhere, in a country where he doesn’t even speak the language and yet he was still so calm and happy enough to enjoy the scenery, stop, and (quite literally) smell the flowers. he was already lost and he literally stopped to crouch on the ground and blow on a dandelion. he’s like sunshine and happiness personified and it was just so heartwarming to watch. kim taehyung how are you even real.


18 weeks of captain swan
week 10: no color 

She [Felicity] has this goal, she has this chip in her back…A lot has happened to this girl in the last little bit…She does want to proceed with sort of making it distributable to the public and making it affordable and accessible, but in the meantime Star City and trying to get Oliver back on track with getting a new team together and having in face what the reality of our team is and having him not just work alone because he’ll be in imminent danger…That’s taking a lot of her time. I don’t know if she sleeps or goes to therapy, but I am sure she has nightmares…