Yurio is such a sweetie around his grandpa he’d have no problem sharing his happiness about his newfound *coughs crush coughs* friend with such candidness and openness… His grandpa is really happy his precious grandson is finally forming healthy bonds with other people but there’s a little bit bitter sweetness too… (because his baby IS GROWING UP SOBS)

I know the significance of the lyrics to Stammi Vicino No Te Ne Andare (Stay Close To Me) has already been examined...

…But have we considered the possibility that Victor had it written specially to fit his story?

In Episode 4, Yuri notes that Victor choreographs his own programs and has new music written for them.

The meaning of the lyrics in Stammi Vicino No Te Ne Andare clearly are of loss and longing for love (Re: @littlechubbyyuuri‘s in-depth analysis of the translation of the song)

Given that Victor uses this SP for the season, it’s safe to assume he had it choreographed by June or July of that year. 

This gets long! Continuation under the cut.

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