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What is your favorite episode?

Ahh this is so difficult to answer I have so many:

From part 1

  • ep 16: when Sasuke protects Naruto from Haku
  • ep 32: Sakura protecting Naruto and Sasuke from the sound ninjas during the chunin exams
  • ep 46-47: Neji vs Hinata
  • ep 48-50: Lee vs Gaara
  • ep 60-63: Neji vs Naruto I like every episode with neji in it okay
  • ep 95-96: Sannin showdown and Tsunade becoming the 5th hokage
  • ep 101: Team 7 trying to uncover Kakashi’s mask best filler ever
  • ep 109: Sasuke leaving the village, Sakura trying to stop him
  • ep 113-117: Choji vs Jirobo, Neji vs Kidomaru
  • ep 123-127: Kimimaro vs Lee and Gaara

From shippuden

  • ep 11: Sakura heals Kankuro
  • ep 21- 27: Sasori vs Sakura and Chiyo
  • ep 31-32: Gaara’s revival
  • ep 119-120: Kakashi gaiden
  • ep 166: Hinata protects and confesses to Naruto
  • ep 246-249: Minato and Kushina’s past
  • ep 475-479: Naruto vs Sasuke (final)
  • ep 500: Naruhina wedding and last episode
Ramblings About Ear Biscuits Ep. 119

Tuesday means ramblings! I’ve gotten into the habit now, might as well continue.

If anyone remembers that I said I was going to take a tumblr break and focus on my thesis and is wondering what I’m doing writing these long ass posts, well, hah, I gave up on it. It’s a long story, I’ll tell it some other time, but basically there were a lot of problems with me finishing it and I decided to abandon my plan of getting a PhD in history (and settle for a master’s). Instead, the plan is to get one in Film Studies.

This means that right now I’m not a student, and I’m unemployed, and I don’t get any health insurance because I’m not depressed enough, you how it is.

So, now I am spending most my time on meta posts. This weeks ramblings are below the cut! This time, it’s less science and analysis and more just my reactions. Hope it’s still interesting to read.

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