A reminder that this happened.

Even if they were playing dead. His arm thrown protectively over Kagome. The scene doesn’t pan over that far but Kouga’s arm had to be resting against her side or over her hips/legs.

I’d love to read something about Kagome getting separated from Inuyasha somehow, and she wakes up to find Kouga and Inuyasha’s haori wrapped around her. And Kouga trying to fight off his love for Kagome, because he just knows she’s in love with Inuyasha and as he tries to help Kagome find her friends again, she learns how to be a part of their wolf pack, wolf behaviors and she becomes friends with Ginta and Hakkaku, and there’s still the threat of Naraku and demons and so Kouga still has to protect her and all the while Kouga quietly falls in love with her, real love and …

Oh my god, I might have to write this.

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hi! could give me some of the most significant moments/turning points in inukag's relationship? i'd really appreciate it :)

I think most of the important moments in their relationship happened in the beginning of the series because in episode 48/chapter 173-176 they were pretty much already acknowledging that they were in a relationship.

So here’s the most significant moments in their relationship in my opinion:

  • Ep.7/Chapter 17: The very first moment, when Inuyasha told Kagome he would protect her (he was somewhat nice to her for the first time). 
  • Ep. 10/Chapter 34 : When Inuyasha grabs Kagome’s hand when he thought she was dead. He shows that he actually care about her life for the first time.

  • Ep. 13/Chapter 42 : Inuyasha transforms into a human for the the first time in front of Kagome and he tells her that she smells nice. He’s admitting that he was lying when he said mean things to her.

  • Ep. 14/Chapter 45: Inuyasha almost kisses Kagome but she pushes him back. 
  • Ep. 16/Chapter 53 : Miroku touches Kagome’s butt and Inuyasha becomes protective of Kagome for the first time.

  • Ep. 19-21/Chapters  62-72 : Inuyasha protects Kagome from Sesshomaru’s attack and begins to fear for Kagome’s safety. Of course there’s the big beautiful hug:

    and Kagome’s hug:

    at this point I think Inuyasha already had a crush on Kagome (maybe a little bit because she looks like Kikyo) but Kagome is just starting to see him as a boy and as a potential boyfriend. And Inuyasha says this wonderful line:

  • Ep. 22/Chapter 73: Inuyasha snuggles next to Inuyasha because she was scared and Inuyasha is having “indecent thoughts”
  • Ep. 23/Chapters 75-78: Let’s forget about the anime for this part. Kagome starts to question Inuyasha’s feelings for her after she sees him kissing Kikyo. But Inuyasha ends up telling her that she’s not just Kikyo’s replacement. He likes her smile and he feels at peace when he’s with her. Even though Kagome didn’t hear him because she fell asleep, he’s basically admitting his feelings for her at this point. 

  • Episode 31/Chapter 112-115: Inuyasha says that Kagome is his home.

  • Ep. 33/Chapter 124: In the manga only, Inuyasha thinks “When I met Kagome, I regained my lost heart” and then when Kagome asks him if he still loves Kikyo he says this:

  • Ep. 37-38/Chapters 134-140: Inuyasha shows his jealousy again when Koga declares his love for Kagome. Kagome goes back to her world and talks with her friends in the modern world and they speculate that she must be in love with him. Also before their fight Kagome runs into Inuyasha arms because she was scared.

  • Ep. 47-48/Chapters 170-176 : I think this is where everything changed. Kagome sees Inuyasha and Kikyo together, she goes back to her world and then she realizes she’s in love with him. She comes back to the feudal era and she asks Inuyasha if she can stay by his side and they hold hands. They are basically together at this point. 

  • Episode 51/Chapter 182 : It’s a lot cuter in the manga, Inuyasha wraps his arm around Kagome because he was worried about her.

  • Ep. 52/Chapter 187: One of the most important moment in my opinion, when Kagome comforts Inuyasha after he transformed into a full demon for the first time.

  • Ep. 57-58 / Chapter 79- 85: The whole Togenkyo arc, Inuyasha sacrifices his life to kill Tokajin and thinks “it’s alright at least Kagome is alive” . Oh and Inuyasha sees Kagome naked

  • Ep. 60-62/Chapters 192-198 : The whole Tsubaki arc showed that Inuyasha really trust Kagome. And Kagome tells Inuyasha that she’s with him by choice. 

  • Ep. 107/Chapter 244: When Inuyasha cried because he thought Kagome died. 

  • Ep. 117/Chapter 265: When Kagome cried because she thought Inuyasha died and they hug and Inuyasha tells Koga that he has no chance to be with Kagome because it’s obvious that she chose to be with him.

  • Ep. 126/Chapter 286: Kagome tells the infant that her jealousy toward Kikyo only means that she’s in love with Inuyasha. Inuyasha tells her that he won’t leave her alone anymore.

  • Ep. 167/Chapter 355-356 : Kagome stops Inuyasha’s transformation when she hugs him (in the ogre’s belly).

    also they cuddle in a tree in this episode

In The Final Act:

  • Ep. 1/Chapter 411: Inuyasha carries Kagome home from school and he cheers her up and says (in the manga only):

  • Ep. 7/Chapter 449: Kagome tells “Kikyo” (an illusion of Kikyo) that she is confident that Inuyasha loves her. Inuyasha catches her when she falls from the sky. 

  • Ep. 10/Chapter 473: Inuyasha finally moves on from Kikyo’s death after he apologizes to Kagome for not thinking about her feelings.

  • Ep. 18/Chapter 494: Their most romantic moment, when Inuyasha tells her he will protect her with his life and they almost kiss.

    Inuyasha helps Kagome to get her bag from the train and she gives him a big hug

  • Ep. 23/Chapter 540: When Inuyasha catches Kagome in midair and her powers purify him.
  • Ep. 26/Chapters 555-558: Inuyasha finds Kagome inside the jewel, they kiss (in the anime only). And they end up getting married.

Voilà ! This is all I can remember I hope I didn’t forget anything !


[GOODBYE STAGE] ASTRO 아스트로 - “Baby” | SBS MTV The Show <170627> EP.117

good ginta/hakkaku and sis moments the inuyasha fillers blessed us with:

- “kagome would Never treat us like this!” from ep 99
- kagome asking how they’re feeling after the kouga vs renkotsu/ginkotsu fight and then apologizing for not being able to treat their wounds bc she lost her first aid kit and the boys telling her that her just caring over their well-being is enoughfrom ep 117😭😭😭😭
- and MY FAVORITE, kagome going into “i’m the Boss” mode and hakkaku and ginta watching in amazement and hakkaku saying “that’s our gal!!” from ep 77

So I did some research on the evil bosses

And here is a list of each of the evil team bosses’ appearances in the anime:

Giovanni: Ep. 15, Battle Aboard The St. Anne! (unofficial) and ep. 63, The Battle Of The Badge (official, with voice and face) of the Indigo League series.

Archie & Maxie: Ep. 97, Gaining Groundon of the Advanced Generations series.

Cyrus: Ep. 96, Losing Its Lustrous! of the Diamond & Pearl series.

Ghetsis: Ep. 112, Team Plasma’s Pokemon Power Plot! (unofficial, as a hologram) and ep. 117, Team Plasma’s Pokemon Manipulation! (official, in person) of the Best Wishes series.

Lysandre: Ep. 94, From A to Z! of the XY series.

*sad sigh* I think we’re gonna wait for a loooooong while for our boy Guzma to make his appearance in the anime, guys…

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Top spartace moments?

 This was quite hard in a way because most of there interactions are cuter off camera or in the background. These aren’t necessarily in the right order!
1. Ep 102 - when Jong Kook teases Ji Hyo by trying to rip her name - tag off. His smile says it all tbh

2. Ep 119 - Ji Hyo being nervous and looking on as Jong Kook rips off Choi Shin Soo’s nametag and then celebrating with each other by Jong Kook yelling out to Ji Hyo (like actually using her name)

3. Ep 117 - Jong kook and Ji Hyo laughing and tapping her shoulder at Gary’s chic behaviour after the jump. Jong Kook sliding his arm over Ji Hyo’s shoulders and patting it when he loses

4. Ep 124 - Jong Kook and Ji Hyo bickering XD Jong Kook protecting Ji Hyo from king Kwang Soo

5. Ep 129 - Jong Kook sacrificed Ji Hyo so they could win but his expression when they announced that she got ousted is painful ;( And he probably had a new resolve in eliminating Lee Joon and Sulli as revenge 

6. Ep 173 - succeeding the find your pillow mission early and having loads of space but still deciding to lie down next to each other. Holding hands with each other due to the hectic atmosphere for the last pillow

7. Ep 220 - Jong Kook giving a death glare to Park Soo Hong when Ji Hyo asks him to get married that year and Soo Hong teasingly accepts

8. Ep 321 - Jong Kook staring at Ji Hyo whilst she cooks and feeds her with his chopsticks. 

9. Ep 328 - Jong Kook smiling broadly at her doing aegyo and also hugging her first when they succeed the mission

10. Ep 333 - Jong Kook apparently thought that Ji Hyo would fall whilst getting the sheep back in their pen and so held her by the waist

11. Ep 324 - Jong Kook massaging Ji Hyo’s back whilst she sits down 

[170626] The Show Official Twitter Update

★더쇼 117회 라인업★ A.C.E/B.I.G/ELRIS/VERMUDA/나인뮤지스/더 이스트라이트/마마무/소울라티도/스텔라/아스트로/에이프릴/에이핑크/엠펙트/일급비밀/투포케이(24K)/티아라 #더쇼 #THESHOW

★The Show Ep.117 Line Up★ A.C.E/B.I.G/ELRIS/VERMUDA/Nine Muses/The Eastlight/Mamamoo/Soul Latido/Stellar/Astro/April/APink/MFECT/Top Secret/투포케이(24K)/TARA #더쇼 #THESHOW


[170711] Best Secret to Cooking EP 117 with Leeteuk 

[170710] Best Secret to Cooking EP 116 with Leeteuk

[170707] Best Secret to Cooking EP 115 with Leeteuk


Oh… It was too funny to watch episodes with Park Choongjae :D He’s the cutiest maknae in the world~ and very beautiful~~~
He had many images and did many activities and it was really cool I couldn’t stop laughting XD

I want to share smth videos with you don’t repeat my mistakes and don’t watch ALL episodes ALL NIGHTLONG XD There are links for different performances with JJ and some episodes which were very interesting for me (I don’t know Korean and watching without subs, but it was very interesting!)

Let’s enjoy it~ ^^ 

Performances and smth strange videos x):

  1. Aerobics (ep 129)
  2. Acrobatic #1 (ep 132) from 19:30
  3. Acrobatic #2 (ep 136)
  4. Jeyong HyungDon feat JunJin (ep 136)
  5. song ‘Timeless’ (ep 136)
  6. JunJin’s Dance 'Dangerous’ (ep 136)
  7. Parody on Big Bang’s 'Haru Haru’ (ep 137)
  8. Mo’ Better Blues #1 (ep 137)
  9. Mo’ Better Blues #2 (ep 137) from 3:25
  10. SNSD’s 'Gee’ parody (ep 144)
  11. JunJin & Lee JungHyun XDXDXD (ep 161)
  12. BEG’s 'Abracadabra’ parody (ep 174) from 5:10

My fav parts of episodes:

  1. Pirates (ep 115)
  2. JunJin’s home :D (ep 116)
  3. JunJin breaks chopsticks by his…~ (ep 117)
  4. You can see pretty girl Choongjae~~~ (ep 124)
  5. JunJin’s performance with his fanboy HongChul (ep 127)
  6. and here Jinnie eats like a child ^^ (ep 127)
  7. oh… strong man Choongjae ** (ep 127)
  8. SNSD parody making #1 & #2 (ep 142)
  9. WHITE SWAN JUNJIN I cried XD (ep 148)