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Good evening and welcome back! On tonight’s show, your hosts Nic @atheistjapanesesocialist and Angelo @milquetoast-is-unsung, as well as Payton @literally-a-narwhale, and Jeremy @totallynotzelda.

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MONDAY COUPLE MASTERLIST (4 years in the making)

Notable Monday Couple moments

Episode 10- Peek-a-boo, guess who?

Episode 12- Gary lets Jihyo go

Episode 15- Heartbeat game

Episode 16- “On Mondays, I’ve got a man”

Episode 18- Titanic Remake

Episode 22- Indirect cheek kiss

Episode 29- Monday Couple reveals future dreams together

Episode 32- “Today is Monday, Gary is my man”

Episode 34- Share a milkshake together

Episode 46- Monday Couple hug

Episode 55- Couple race

Episode 60- Hug

Episode 74- Americano Date

Episode 106- “You are my true love”

Episode 114- “I am your ex”

Episode 115- Couple moments in the mud

Episode 126- Logging back in?

Episode 127- Return of the Monday Couple

Episode 129- Gary saves Jihyo from falling down

Episode 130- Monday Couple reincarnated as each other

Episode 133- Ring shopping in Macau

Episode 137- Pepero Game

Episode 144- More pepero, dark tunnel, and feeding each other

Episode 147- Adorable hat mixup

Episode 153- Remember the old days? (Gary lets Jihyo go again)

Episode 154- Airport confession

Episode 159- Monday Couple chooses love over gold, hits the jackpot

Episode 163- Monday Couple first kiss

Episode 166- Distracted by Gary’s voice

Episode 183- Coupatible? Partners of fate!

Episode 190- Gary walks over hot coals carrying Jihyo

Episode 191- “Can’t I love all 4 of you?”

Episode 204- Forehead kiss

Episode 206- Heartracing confessions, holding hands, eskimo kiss

Episode 209- Jihyo calls Gary “honey”

if you have any more, feel free to let us know!


If you’re afraid of the Hollow inside you, just get stronger until you can crush him. If you don’t want to listen to others, then hold your chin up and yell those words to yourself! That’s the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo! - Rukia to Ichigo, episode 115.