241 ep...Kakashi's...um....

I’ve rewatched 241 and I just been thinking….in the filler episode; when Gai has a flashback in how he and Kakashi rivalry started (which is adorable by the way) Gai ‘stalk’ Kakashi everywhere; asking him to except my his challenge. Long story short Gai follows Kakashi the bathroom (well, not really followed cause climbed the tree outside the outdoor bathroom and accidentally seen Kakashi’s *clears throat* 'package’ and than Gai ask for Comparison with his 'package’ and Kakashi told him
“It’s like an acorn” (poor Gai) - (funny but wried flashback in a filler episode I’ve ever seen in my life.)

Fast forward to couple years later; Kakashi tells Gai’s secert to Yamato/Tenzo and the other (I don’t know his name so I’m just gonna call him cool sunglasses guy that summons birds…yea that’s got a nice ring to it) just to prove Gai that Kakashi was really Kakashi. Gai explains that it isn’t like anymore (so I’m guessing he’s about average or blow average).

But…does that mean that Kakashi….um…so He’s gotta…Er *clears throat* Kakashi’s Emm….(wait…is that even possible?) *gets out ruler and protractor and tries to math* ……..but….how?!

Gintama 241

- fanservice everywhere in this episode - i mean seriously Gin-san, okita, and Hijakata dressed up in suits as hosts? Talk about fanservice! No complaining here, though XD

- “just do it!”

- scouting the area for hosts and then find madou and kondo lol

- otae beating the crap out of gin-san

- kondo is now a hostcar with gintoki and shinsengumi run them over XD

- omg okita “i just have to trick dumb bitches into giving me money while i eat and drink for free”

Loving this arc already but what I’m really excited for this the Kintama arc that follows after this one. Can’t wait to see it animated!