ep. 44

Gem Frankenstein

In the 5th episode of the first season, ‘Frybo’, we are introduced to the concept of gem shards. Pearl says that these shards still have bits of memory and consciousness of what was a complete gem.

In later episodes, specifically in ‘Secret team’ (29th of S01), we see how these gem shards look like when they regenerate. A complete mess of different body parts.

Then in ep. 44, ‘Marble Madness’, Peridot is investigating an abandoned gem facility under The Kindergarten, before the Crystal gems destroy it.

It’s not until ep. 8 of S2, “Keeping it together” when they return there and discover the true horror of this place. In Garnet’s words: “This is punishment for the rebellion!”

What if these experiments were not just retaliation from Homeworld, but shattered them and stuck them back together for a much bigger purpose?


This is supported by Blue Diamond’s words referring to the Zoo, the bubbled Quartz stored in Pink’s room and Earth itself: “This is all we have left of her”

Indicating that she doesn’t know where are the remains of her sister, but Yellow does, and maybe together with White Diamond, has kept them in secret and looked for a way to bring her back.

Yellow Diamond’s attitude towards Earth reveals that she doesn’t have to worry about the fate of the planet, even if PD’s shards are still there. Because she has them.

Yellow Diamond doesn’t tell Blue many things, like Peridot’s betrayal, the Rubies’ failed mission and also this, to prevent her more grief. That explains BD secret visit to Earth: “..I shouldn’t be here..” because the other Diamonds told her to never return there.

Y and W Diamond might not have all her pieces, but most of them, explaining why the first gem experiments with captured rebels are shards stuck together, to see if they could compensate with other gem shards the pieces they don’t have.

We all know that those experiments were a failure and are the reason for Yellow’s hate towards Earth and her expectation for the Cluster to rise, to hide her failure of not being able to bring her sister back and her grief seen during her song.

Peridot’s original mission on Earth probably was to recover data from these same experiments because they were ready to try it again, with their new technology and discoveries at Homeworld.

That could also explain why YD send the Rubies to bring Jasper back because she seemed to be the perfect gem to replace PD’s missing pieces or maybe just to assign her to her original Diamond.

But this is just a theory.

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What're your favorite samurai jack episodes?

im just going to give you a top 15 of the original series otherwise it would be a ranking of every single episode. 

  1. ep 29-the good, the bad, and the beautiful 
  2. ep 35-jack and the haunted house
  3. ep 44-the princess and the bounty hunters
  4. ep 5-jack in space
  5. ep 22-jack and the hunters
  6. ep 24-jack is naked
  7. ep 7-jack and the three blind archers
  8. ep 26-jack’s sandals
  9. ep 12-jack and the gangsters
  10. ep 19-jack remembers the past
  11. ep 32-jack and the travelling creatures
  12. ep 48-jack vs aku
  13. ep 8-jack vs mad jack
  14. ep 10-jack and the lava monster
  15. ep 1, 2, and 3-the premiere movie

so if you’re new to samurai jack and aren’t sure where to start i would highly recommend all of these episodes!