ep. 30


Sometimes Liam has to reach over and touch Travis because things get too much and I relate 100%

“Aunt Deb and her partner” did this show seriously just imply Steven has a lesbian aunt, because she needs to become a character on the show asap.


let the flames of your passion grow.

random thought of the day

Tengo que admitir que me sentiría un poco decepcionada si el asunto del atropello de Lysandro se deja de lado. ¿Vamos a saber alguna vez quien fue el culpable y por qué se dio a fuga? ¿O por que estaba Delanay fuera del instituto cuando todo pasó? ¿O cual sería la reacción de Lysandro si vuelve a ver a Nina? Últimamente me da muchas vueltas por la cabeza…


I have to admit that I would be a little disappointed if Lysander’s car accident is set aside. Are we ever going to know who was to blame and why he run away? Or why was Delanay outside when it all happened? Or what would be Lysander’s reaction if he sees Nina again? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about it…