ep. 204

Episode 208

This episode was mind-blowing! Second best of the season, it delivered on all fronts. Right now, I would rate the eps: 203 > 208 > 204 > 202 > 201 > 205 > 206 > 207. I was right, 206 & 207 didn’t do it for me, but 208 was just… wow! Incredible.

I’m also glad that my theory about the narrative line seems correct, too, and we now reached the “let’s all get together and solve the problem” part. Nice! 

What I loved?

  • Alec being all assertive and not backing down. Standing up to Maryse - but also standing by her side and supporting her when the truth came out. The fact that it was Alec who figured it out, that Robert was cheating on Maryse, linked nicely back to what Jace said, that Alec was sensitive. I do think that underneath that aloof exterior he really is the most sensitive and emotional one of them all. 
  • Which brings me to the hallucinations. Both Jace and Clary yelled and punched or wanted to punch someone, they turned it all OUTWARDS. Alec turned it all INWARDS and tried to hurt himself. Again. I love this consistency of storytelling. Wonderful!
  • Jace and Magnus and their talk. That was simply amazing! I love these callbacks to the parabatai bond. I don’t need it front and center all the time, I just don’t want it forgotten. I also loved how Alec defended Jace!
  • Magnus in general. Christ on a cracker, he was amazing in this ep!
  • The sweet, sweet domestic Malec. They’re so cute I want to pinch their cheeks. Would I have loved some early morning cuddles? Sure. But to me the way Alec stood up for Magnus every time someone - Magnus himself included - tried to put Magnus down, that spoke to me of a stable relationship more than any amount of smooching.
  • COMMUNICATION! They finally stopped lying about the runes and the blood and EVERYTHING! THANK YOU!

What I found interesting?

  • Max mirroring Maryse and she realizing how wrong it was.
  • Izzy and Raphael.
  • Valentine and his plans with Madzie.

What I didn’t like?

  • NOTHING! I can honestly say that I’m VERY, VERY, VERY HAPPY with this episode!

I think that Catriona McKenzie did an amazing job as a director. I think she and Salli Richardson-Whitfield were the best directors this season so far!

Running RFA EP 204 - Jumin Han didn’t know how to print 

I love Running Man and ahhh
I finally found a perfect clip to edit MM into it xD
707 X MC as Monday Couple tho!!! hshshss


  1. MAru de DAme na Ossan - Good-for-nothing old man (Kagura ep. 16)
  2. MAjide DAsai Ossan - Really uncool old man (Oonishi)
  3. MAssa ni DArusou na Oyaji - Uncool looking old man (Job interviewer)
  4. MAttaku DArakushite Ossan - Really depraved old man (Job interviewer)
  5. MAttaku DAijoubu ja nai Okyaku - A customer who’s really not alright (Otose)
  6. MAtomo ni DAkaretakunai Otoko - Men no one wants to date (Shimura Tae)
  7. MAttaku DAmesenai Otoboke - Fool who unconvincingly feigns ignorance (Okita Sougo)
  8. MAssugu ikite mo DAinashi na jinsei na Ojiisan - Old man who lives as he wants but accomplishes nothing (Kagura)
  9. MAmuDApAO - Floating Log, Drifter, Freeter, Famicon and Sinking old man. (Hingromaxon Cheif ep.204)

Meanings not directed to Hasegawa

  1. MAzui DAshi to Oage - Horrid bean curd
  2. MAji de DAkaetai Otoko - Man one seriously wants to date (Kondo Isao)

English translated terms

  1. Middle Aged Dumb Ass Oldies