ep. 115


Episode 15 of Legends of Tomorrow is going to be a HUGE Captain Canary episode from what I’ve heard!

Where is my evidence of it being a good ep? Here are my exhibits:

Exhibit A: It’s called “Destiny”. Yes? Okay, that’s not evidence, but you know what?

Exhibit B: When someone asked Marc Guggenheim about upcoming Sara/Snart scenes to look forward to, he replied with “Ep 115. Big time.”

Exhibit C: When Caity mentioned Sara taking the Waverider for a spin in episode 15, she said “Rip better watch out, cause CAPTAIN CANARY’s coming in!” Okay, yes, I can see that she’s referring to Captain Sara, singular, but hey, you never know. Caity IS aware of the ship name 😉

Exhibit D: You know what Caity tweeted during the filming of this ep? (And it WAS when they were filming it, I checked the dates). “Just filmed a scene that’s gonna make fans looooossseee their minds.” Is that a hint? Yes, please?

Exhibit E: You guys remember those beautifully perfect BTS photos that Caity and Wentworth posted? Those were during the filming of that episode!

Exhibit F: Marc Guggenheim mentioned that there were going to be some great developments of Snart and Sara’s relationship coming up, and since he himself wrote this specific episode…I’m guessing that’s where the developments comes in.

None of these are evidence that it will be a huge, noteworthy Captain Canary episode, but it’s everything I’ve seen regarding it. I hope it’s good, though! And nobody expect something as crazy as a kiss. If it ever actually happens, it’s NOT going to be in season one of all things.