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My TwentySixteen

aka a bit of a shit year but i really got into clone wars and made 100+ gifs 

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Kim Jongmin finally gets the Top Excellence Award after being on 1N2D for 8 years

Yugioh Arc V EP 102-104 Summaries

Episode 102: 非情の狩人 – Hijō no Kariudo
(The Heartless Hunter)

Yuya confronts Kaito, who is consumed by rage. However, Yuya’s ideals could not move Kaito’s hardened heart, and with his overwhelming strength, Kaito drives Yuya into a corner. At that time, Yuto, who is residing inside Yuya, instructs Yuya to summon Dark Rebellion…

Episode 103: 華々しき機械天使.
(The Brilliant Mechanical Angels)

Allen and Sayaka tell Yuya that Kaito’s family has been carded by Academia. Yuya laments that he did not understand the sadness lurking in Kaito’s heart, but through Allen and others, Yuya is able to gain some clues about his missing father….Meanwhile, Yuzu arrives at the Fusion Dimension by herself, and is pursued by Academia. However, a beautiful girl comes to Yuzu’s aid…

Episode 104: 「D」の名を持つHERO.
(The HERO Bearing the Name of “D”)

Yuzu goes with the girl who saved her to a certain place. It is a small Duel School located in the Fusion Dimension, “You Show School.” On the other hand, while Yuya continues to search for Yusho’s whereabouts, a mysterious boy challenges him to a Duel. The boy bears a deep-seated hatred toward Yusho, and unleashes a brutal attack against his son, Yuya…