“So when it came to do ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ I wasn’t sure how to approach it at first, because I did want to obviously paid tribute to Glenn and ‘The Eagles’ and really make it sense in the original song, but I also wanted to put it an Alissa spin on it and a Metal Allegiance kinda spin on it! So it was a challenge! It was defiantly a challenge taking a song that is routed in such a different world than my normal musical path!


So 2016 has been a pretty rough year when it comes to loosing musicians, artists that people really love. It’s been really rough actually! And of course amongst those that we’ve lost Lemmy, Bowie, Prince there is also Glenn from ‘The Eagles’. So I had this opportunity to record ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ which is not a song I ever thought I would be recording. I mean ‘Hotel California’ is like the first song I learned on guitar and I think that probably applies to a lot of people. It’s like the first song you sort of get in singing and playing together and of course ‘The Eagles’ are a great band. They influence so many musicians over the years.”


i finally gif’d my fave scene in all of osomatsu-kun history, it comes from ep. 17 of the 1988 run 

basically what happens is Iyami tries to threaten Hatabou by crushing him with a boulder and Hatabou, with his titanium balls doesn’t waver and the child accepts death over caving into Iyami. At the last minute Iyami saves the 5 or so year old he’s trying to goddamn kill and and i shit you not he starts to cry, says something abut ‘jesus’ and then recites prayers

Iyami tries to kill a child and then finds god in this scene, it’s art in its highest form i s2g

i mean in the very next scene its shown Iyami has learnt absolutely nothing and continues to be mean to Hatabou but still 


You might not believe it. You might not believe it, but you got a lot in common. You really do. You both love me, and I love both of you.