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From ep 242: In The Mouth Of Mango


Show Champion EP.242 SONAMOO - Friday Night [소나무 - 금요일 밤]

My top 10 favorite Bleach ending themes

As requested by anon. :)

I didn’t generally pay much attention to the ending themes, to be honest (and this is coming from a person who watched the openings every time) - I was too busy frantically clicking “next episode.” But here are the 10 that made some kind of impression on me!

#10: echoes (episodes 279-291)

I mostly like the music on this one - this is the song that Grimmjow sings on the Concept Covers, so I’m all for it. But also I kinda like how horrible and apocalyptic it is. It starts out with Ichigo and company wandering through the destroyed ruins of Karakura Town, bathed in a creepy red light. Then it moves on to more normal pictures. But what an opening!

#9: Sakura Biyori (eps. 110-121)

I’m fond of the music for this one, and also of the advance squad who are featured in it. Plus, this is the one that ends with Ichigo standing alone on a hill above Karakura Town….and then all of his friends come and join him. Which is sweet.

#8: Life (eps. 53-63)

I have no particular feelings about the actual animation of this ending - it’s just pictures of the cast. But I like the song a lot, so -

#7: Mad Surfer (eps. 230-242) 

This ending basically showed off all of the embodied zanpakuto designs. Which I like, because I like the embodied zanpakuto. Even though it was SUPER spoilery. Like, if you didn’t know that the “big silent turquoise-haired guy” was Hitsugaya’s zanpakuto, you sure knew after you saw them back to back in the ending.

#6: MASK (eps. 355-366)

I don’t know how I feel about this ending, really. I watched it a lot, but only because I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was supposed to represent. Why did Ichigo have a face made out of static? Why did rainbow pictures cure him? How did everybody know to send him those rainbow pictures anyway? Does Ichigo love rainbows? But….um I guess it was cool.

#5: Baby It’s You (eps. 98-109) 

Not going to lie. I love this theme for one reason, and one reason only. There is a line in English, which is “Baby, it’s you!” While that line is being sung, there is a picture of Byakuya turning his head dramatically. It was a perfect moment.

#4: Hitohira no Hanabira (eps. 190-201)

This ending was just a series of pictures, but I still like it a lot. For one thing, it had the shinigami in human clothes. I can’t say no to shinigami in human clothes. But also, while the pictures remain stationary, the “camera” zooms around, like the viewer is on some kind of cardboard cutout Bleach amusement park ride. Or something. I thought it was a neat effect.

#3: Haruka Kanata (eps. 330-342)

This was the special series of endings they did for Bleach’s 10th anniversary: they actually go through all of Bleach from beginning to end. I liked this one because it changed episode to episode (and thus gave me motivation not to skip it) and because it was so nostalgic to review Bleach. Especially this close to the end of the Aizen arc.

#2: Stay Beautifu (eps. 266-278)

AKA, that one ending about the gangster AU. This is, like, everybody’s favorite, right? The costumes were neat, and the different situations ranged from very cool (Ishida as a pool shark) to hilarious (Unohana with her “maids”). I have to admit, I kind of hate the song, but the pictures win me over every time.

#1: Hokiboshi (eps. 26-38)

I actually do love this ending theme. It was with the “Comet” song, and every episode they focused on a different Gotei-13 squad. Since this was early on in Bleach, before the Gotei-13 squads were very differentiated for me, it was helpful to be reminded that, say, Hisagi was Tosen’s lieutenant. But also, they did a really nice job of getting each squad’s personality across, which was really cool.