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adorable clip of Raven and Chelsea posing as a cute couple with a baby in season 4 of That’s So Raven :)

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Do you think Betty recognized she had feelings towards Jughead? Or was the kiss her starting point?

i think, like with jughead, she’s always had an appreciation and respect for him. jug is the only person she recruited to help her revive the blue and gold. the only person she trusted, or believed, could help her solve jason’s murder. i think for her, it was purely friendship until that scene in her bedroom in episode 5. betty was so obsessed with archie, and the idea of them as a couple, that i feel like she never really noticed anybody else. she had a fling in LA, but, (admittedly without reading the comics), i feel like she likely wasn’t as into it as he was. how could she be when she was immediately back on the archie train when she returned? episodes 2 to 6 are her, i think, accepting that archie didn’t have feelings for her and moving on. i feel like episode 4 was really big in changing how she felt about him and viewed him. before that i think she kind of ignored any flaws that he had. in ep 4, the smoke had started to clear, and she was able to see things she’d previously ignored to protect the fantasy she had of them as a picturesque suburban couple. i think in that episode she realizes that she’d turned archie into a fantasy instead of a real person who makes mistakes. much like how nobody looked past her girl-next-door facade and just declared her as “perfect.” 

so, i think episode 4 really started to put things into perspective for her. that’s why in episode 5 when jughead shows up in her room, she’s like wow, would you look at that? that’s the first moment where her archie obsession had faded enough for her to realize how attractive jughead was. i still don’t think her mind necessarily went to right romance right after that, though. i think she was definitely developing feeling for him, but she was labeling it as friendship. likely because of what just happened between her and archie. she wasn’t going to make any assumptions that jughead’s support meant that he had feeling for her. i think the shift to romance in her mind was actually right before jughead kissed her. after he says “also” and struggles to find words, her eyes flick down to his mouth twice. she wanted him to kiss her. (btw: her literally walking away from archie’s voice and into her future in episode 6 is one of my favorite scenes).

the falling processes for betty and for jughead were quite different. firstly, jughead realized he had feeling for her a lot sooner than betty did. i think he was already in quite deep when he kissed her. i think he had to be for him to have kissed her. jug is a very guarded boy; so for him to put himself so far out there, he had to have reached the point where the possibility of exploring a relationship with betty outweighed his fear of being rejected by her. i think that he fell pretty hard pretty fast because of that soft spot that he’s always had for her. betty, i believe, fell more typically. what i mean is, in real life, falling in love with somebody generally (not always, of course) starts with oh, wow, they’re kinda cute and oh, wow, they make me feel good. that’s what betty experienced and then after they became a couple is when her feelings really deepened for him. which i think is a really good thing. she was in love with archie as a fantasy, but showing step-by-step betty’s affection and loyalty to jughead grow ensures that you know it’s real. she fell in love with him as she was getting to know him, and learning about his flaws, and discovering that he’s had a rough life. there was no smoke blinding her from the imperfections this time. she had a clear view of how ugly and unfair his life was and how it had sharpened his edges, and she still fell in love with him. –that’s one of the things i love about bughead. they’ve seen each other’s light and they’ve seen each other’s dark. they still have much more to learn about themselves and each other, naturally, but there’s no blinders in this relationship. they’ve seen each other as complete people, and love each other as complete people. 


Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune (2017)

Sterek Scenes (w/ Tags) By Episode

(this marks all Sterek scenes whether they’re direct or indirect or fan meta, * are episodes with no direct interactions, talking about each other is marked by the name in parentheses, fan meta are marked as fan meta in parentheses, each scene is linked to its tag although some scenes may not have any posts associated)

Season 1

* Season 1 Special Web Series

Season 1 Ep 1: Wolf Moon

Season 1 Ep 2: Second Chance at First Line

*Season 1 Ep 3: Pack Mentality

Season 1 Ep 4: Magic Bullet

*Season 1 Ep 5: The Tell

Season 1 Ep 6: Heart Monitor

*Season 1 Ep 7: Night School

*Season 1 Ep 8: Lunatic

Season 1 Ep 9: Wolf’s Bane

*Season 1 Ep 10: Co-Captain

*Season 1 Ep 11: Formality

*Season 1 Ep 12: Code Breaker

Season 2

*Season 2 Ep 1: Omega

Season 2 Ep 2: Shape Shifted

Season 2 Ep 3: Ice Pick

Season 2 Ep 4: Abomination

Season 2 Ep 5: Venomous

*Season 2 Ep 6: Frenemy

Season 2 Ep 7: Restraint

Season 2 Ep 8: Raving

Season 2 Ep 10: Fury

Season 2 Ep 12: Master Plan

Season 3A

Season 3A Ep 1: Tattoo

Season 3A Ep 2: Chaos Rising

*Season 3A Ep 3: Fireflies

*Season 3A Ep 5: Frayed

*Season 3A Ep 6: Motel California

Season 3A Ep 7: Currents

*Season 3A Ep 8: Visionary

Season 3A Ep 9: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Season 3A Ep 10: The Overlooked

Season 3A Ep 11: Alpha Pact

Season 3A Ep 12: Lunar Ellipse

Season 3B

*Season 3B Ep 14: More Bad Than Good

*Season 3B Ep 15: Galvanize

*Season 3B Ep 18: Riddled

*Season 3B Ep 19: Letharia Vulpina

*Season 3B Ep 20: Echo House

*Season 3B Ep 21: The Fox and the Wolf

Season 3B Ep 22: De-Void

*Season 3B Ep 23: Insatiable

Season 3B Ep 24: The Divine Move

Season 4

Season 4 Ep 1: The Dark Moon

Season 4 Ep 2: 117

*Season 4 Ep 3: Muted

*Season 4 Ep 4: The Benefactor

*Season 4 Ep 5: I.E.D.

Season 4 Ep 6: Orphaned

*Season 4 Ep 7: Weaponized

*Season 4 Ep 8: Time of Death

*Season 4 Ep 10: Monstrous

Season 4 Ep 11: A Promise to the Dead

Season 4 Ep 12: Smoke and Mirrors

Season 5

* Season 5 Ep 1: Creatures of the Night

*Season 5 Ep 2: Parasomnia

Season 6/6B

*Season 6 Ep 11: Said the Spider to the Fly

*Season 6 Ep 19: Broken Glass

Season 6 Ep 20: The Wolves of War


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Greta Van Fleet - Black Smoke Rising (2017)

i’m so upset because agnes’s mother tells her that only her looks will let her escape, and then she’s proven right

and peggy is codebreaking, peggy gets the education that she wants, and it is suddenly so significant that we started this season with dottie sneering about peggy getting everything she wanted handed to her on a silver platter. of course peggy fights. of course it’s hard. but the thing that she gets that poor girls living in russia, poor girls living in oklahoma, don’t–is a chance.

agnes is the shadow dottie casts over the narrative. dottie is the raw strength and anger that makes her a physical match for peggy, and whitney is the razer-sharp intellect which is its counterpoint. dottie kills and whitney kills herself to escape (that’s why the stage name; a whole new person!). dottie is peggy, reflected darkly, but agnes is the darkness dottie has been heralding all along–her mind burns like a cold star, brighter than peggy and dottie combined, and yet it is her looks and her marriage that let her even play the game at all.

DeanCas Coda to 12.03: The Foundry

“So, um, you hungry?”


Dean doesn’t want to hear it. He already feels his heart beating a mile a minute inside his chest, the world blurring at the edges as he swallows back what feels like bile crawling up his throat. He forces his lips to pull up in a smile, giving a cursory swipe to his eyes as his gaze bounces from the floor to the table to literally everywhere else but the goddamn door.

This is his fault.

As per usual, Sam was right, and Dean was too stupid to see it. If he’d only grown some fucking balls and talked to her—fuck.

“Dean, we should talk about this.”

A laugh—loud, humourless, teetering on the knife’s edge of hysteria—bubbles up past Dean’s lips. “Ain’t nothin’ to talk about, Sammy.” His voice comes out hoarse. “You want a sandwich or what?”

Dean doesn’t give his brother time to answer, stalking to the kitchen with a bitten lip. It’s hard to see where he’s going because everything’s blurred no matter how much he wipes at his face, and the way the world seems to be folding in around him feels kinda like the panic attacks he used to get when he lost his mom the first time. But that wasn’t on him.

This is.

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Thoughts on Hyperventilation (up to ep. 4)

So basically this is just the things that went through my mind in the past 48 hours or so after watching 4 episodes of Hyperventilation. I kinda suck at writing down my thoughts because I can be all over the place. I’ll try to be concise, but I can’t promise you anything. So yeah, get ready for this hell ride I guess.


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