ep of this week was so good and full of love

BTS Bon Voyage Gift VOD 4 ~ Full Thoughts

As always, the behind cams are such a joy to watch. Seriously, I love that the content of the VODs are just as good, if not better, than those of the actual episodes. There’s just something oddly satisfying about knowing that your idols are holding the cameras on their own, even if there are people filming on the sides. 

One thing’s for sure. I really like how each member gets very equal screentime in these gift videos. I especially enjoyed the interaction between SugaMon,as well as the scene where Rapmon reveals more about how he learned English so well. It showed that he really does have incredible motivation and work ethic even when it comes to simple things such as studying. 

Furthermore, Bon Voyage itself is really giving us all better insight into the group dynamics. For example, according to my Korean friend, Jungkook uses banmal (casual speech) with Hoseok but speaks so formally to Yoongi, that I’m no longer sure which members are closest anymore. So, that’ll be very interesting to keep observing.

It was also amusing to see how they not only interact with one another, but also with the producing staff. It’s nice to see that the members are kind and humble when talking to the filming crew. They’re even quite friendly with them in terms of composure. Technology-wise, there was, once again, no issue with the VOD.